The most prestigious film award in the country was held on National Heroes Day.


Staying at home every day during the pandemic to help increase the risk of the virus’s spread can be so boring. One of the cures for our longing to experience the outside world is movies. Movies and films help us reconnect with the world before the pandemic or escape our boredom. 

However, the national movie industry suffered a lot during the pandemic due to the closing of cinemas all over the country. But that obstacle did not prevent our beloved federal creative workers from stopping creating and producing movies with good quality. It is recorded that there are more than 100 Indonesian movies released this year.  

To appreciate the national creative works which have worked during the pandemic, the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival or Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) was held on November 10, 2021, the same day as the National Heroes Day, to present the Piala Citra Award. The event was accessible to watch live from several YouTube channels; Festival Film Indonesia, Kemendikbud, Budaya Saya, and Kompas TV.

Before the main event started, the audience could watch the live red-carpet walks by the attending actors, actresses, directors, performers, ambassadors, representatives from the ministry, and even President Joko Widodo himself.

The event was officially started by singing the national song Indonesia Raya and continued with an opening speech by Joko Widodo. During his speech, Jokowi explained why the FFI 2021 was held on National Heroes Day. It was due to the official coronation of Usmar Ismail, who is known as the Father of Indonesian Films, as a National Hero in culture and art.

He was the first film producer of an Indonesian movie entitled Darah dan Doa (Blood and Prayers) in 1950. The date of the first shooting session of Darah dan Doa, the 30th of March, was officiated as the National Film Day of Indonesia. 


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The talents presented a musical drama from Eki Dance Company after the president’s speech. The musical theater was beautifully arranged on the stage and was appreciated by the attendees that night. 

The ambassadors of Festival Film Indonesia—Prilly Latuconsina, Tissa Biani, Angga Yunanda, Jefri Nichol, and the head committee of FFI 2021, Reza Rahardian, gave an insightful opening speech about the history of film-making in Indonesia that has been progressing so far until the present day, despite the pandemic. As the appreciation for the movie industry’s workers, 23 categories of awards were given that night. 


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As the head of the FFI judge 2021, Garin Nugroho, spoiled little details about the essential aspects of the movie's assessment process when he delivered his opening speech. He told the audience that the judges mainly assessed the appreciation to the film workers of the movie, the scoring from the judges based on the professional film’s association standard, and the people’s participation for the category of film critique, favorite actor, and favorite actress.  

The Best Movie title was awarded to Penyalin Cahaya, a crime mystery drama film, along with other 11 awards categories to the workers, actors, and actresses of the movie; Best Director, Best Male Lead Actor, Best Male Supporting Actor, Best Scenario Writer, Best Cinematographer Director, Best Artistic Director, Best Picture Editor, Best Audio Arranger, Best Theme Song Producer, Best Music Arranger, and Best Fashion Designer. Penyalin Cahaya movie is not available in the cinemas and only accessible on online on-demand movie streaming platform, Netflix. 

The event was closed officially by Reza Rahardian's speech, where he stated his gratefulness and openness for constructive criticism for the improvement of the event. 

The national movies are improving fast during the pandemic, so do not doubt to watch them! Get comfortable, grab your popcorn, and watch local-made movies!


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