What do you think about the outdoor trend?


The novel coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. Additionally, we have to live side-by-side with the virus with the current situation and the new mutations

For example, we need to do the social distance, wearing a mask and washing our hands. 

But as social creatures, we could not lock ourselves. So, therefore, we have to adjust the space that we already have to reduce the spread of the virus. So with that, there is an outdoor trend. 

In summary of the existing WSGN, they try to overcome the problems that already exist.

Here are some of the different directions we're tracking:

  • Fixed shelters: external bolt-on structures or specially zoned spaces expand liveable areas in properties short on square footage
  • Defined zones: furniture (both set and freestanding) is styled to visually and physically split up an open-plan garden space, creating distinct 'zones' with individual functions
  • Social areas: the risks of visiting hospitality spaces are mitigated–and the look is recreated on a smaller scale–in back gardens
  • Staycation vibes: spa-style fixtures and facilities weave their way into everyday gardens
  • Mini spaces: courtyards and balconies maximize vertical space and multi-use furniture to accommodate their needs 
  • Cocooned comfort: sheltered freestanding areas offer a physical retreat with a psychological sense of security
  • Rustic retreat: natural materials and a calming color palette bring casual elegance to outdoor settings.

Open space areas are already quite popular in Indonesia. This concept has been used in a few restaurants and coffee shops. 

Let's say Kumulo, an interactive park in Jakarta. It's a place where visitors could go to small shops in socially distanced areas. Going to an open space area could help people cool off their minds, especially those experiencing burnout. 

An atmosphere of open-air could help visitors feel more comfortable. According to a UK-based retailer Heal's survey, 40% of customers think outdoor spaces offer them a sense of escape. In addition, English garden design firm Jack Dunckley reports an expected uplift in seeds and plant sales this year after a massive increase in 2020, proving that last year's investment in gardening will continue in 2021. 

This kind of open-air, interactive space could be applied to your own residence. For example, you could create your guest area around your patio or even place your dining table around your garden. These few changes around the house will help you reduce your anxiety if you are unsure about your guests.

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