It becomes the next urban life trend.


Sustainable gastronomy comes from how we can feed 7,7 billion people on the earth without disrupting the environment.  We have a lot of cuisine types, from nouvelle, Haute, fusion, avant-garde, vegan, vegetarian, molecular, historical cuisines, ethnic and religious cuisines, until farm from the table. And people start to question where they eat the food every day, and how to make them?

From here, then people come up with an awareness of environmental issues and food systems that are a serious issue people in the world until today. People in the world realize that the world is facing many environmental challenges and food safety which is increasing day by day. 


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Data speaks that the farming sector contributes around a quarter of human greenhouse gas emissions on this planet. The conversion of forests to industrial sites that are doing massively is the main reason for the loss of biodiversity worldwide. Modern overfishing has destroyed marine habitats and change biodiversity. 

An efficient food system without damaging the environment

What kind of cuisine is able to protect the environment, and how a food system can be like that can feed the 7,7 billion human population ecologically? The gastronomy society finds the answer through Gastronomy Sustainable by feeding people in the world through an efficient food system without damaging the environment. Sustainable gastronomy respects traditions and pastoral nostalgia, even though it is sometimes romanticism, regressive social practices, arrangements, and prayers to nature damage the environment. 


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The local wisdom of indigenous people is often a trap of misery because it attracts tourism to consume it. Sustainable Gastronomy also emphasizes maximizing agricultural management in small-scale and organic gardens for consuming and creating a close relationship with local farmers. However, it got pressure from the agricultural industry on a large scale. 

Sustainable Gastronomy emphasizes the world's focus on all human cultures and civilizations that contribute to various skills and important resources of sustainable development. It is a cultural expression that relates to natural food and cultural diversity.  Sustainable Gastronomy in the cuisine world makes this planet better and helps to conserve biodiversity. Sustainable Gastronomy food style promotes agricultural development, resilient food, nutrition, sustainable food production, and biodiversity conservation.


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Sustainable Gastronomy plays a very important role because it relates to the three dimensions of sustainable development in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations proclaimed in December 2016. They are economical, social, and environmental in a balanced and integrated to achieve Sustainable Development. This commitment to sustainability implies the responsibility of all public, private, producers, consumers, and business people to have a shared vision to support sustainable food production and consumption.

This commitment includes, among others, poverty reduction, efficient use of natural resources, protection of the environment and climate change, and asylum to cultural values, heritage, and biodiversity across agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

In conclusion, sustainable gastronomy is the skill of making food environmentally friendly and sensitive. Adapting to your daily life automatically implies the need to survive local food production, especially organic ones.



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