Agung Hapsah uploaded a brand new video on YouTube, from speculation, Agung's "how to pandemic", a friend's marriage and more in Agung's latest video titled "Vlog".


Indonesian content creator and YouTuber Agung Hapsah have returned after a year-long hiatus with a new video titled “Vlog” uploaded on the online video sharing platform on February 20, 2022.

“Vlog” is a seven minutes long video where Agung talks about “how to pandemic” from saving money by cooking your own food to taking fewer showers. He then talks about what he had been through during the pandemic. The centerpiece of the video perhaps is the marriage of fellow creator and friend, Reza Arap in early 2021.

Furthermore, Agung talks about the pandemic which has brought him to the realization to enjoy the moment with friends, loved ones, and strangers amid this time of uncertainty. Agung continues by saying that he has been vaccinated twice and currently waiting to get his booster. He had high hopes that this year is going to be better than before.

“Vlog” recorded 949,734 views and ranked seven on YouTube trending in just one day after it was uploaded. In addition, his return managed to hit trending on Twitter.

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There are certainly authentic feel and unique styles in all of Agung's videos on YouTube which make fans long for more. As fans needed him the most, Agung surely delivered.

Early YouTube career
Agung Hapsah or known by many as Agung is a long-time creator on YouTube. He began his YouTuber career roughly seven years ago, uploading anything related to his passion in filmmaking, from how to properly set cameras to video editing tutorials mostly on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. 

Other than his unique style in every content he produced, undoubtedly Agung rose to fame was also due to the big names in the local YouTube schemes such as Chandra Liow, Reza Arap, and others who had invited him to tag along on project collaborations. This led to Agung accumulating more subscribers count, likes, views, and support by many.

Right now, the 22-year-old YouTuber has a 2.12 million subscribers count and average views of 2 million views on his videos.

Speculation and previous videos
Furthermore, many had speculated that the 22-year-old content creator has passed away due to his long-hiatus since he rarely uploaded any videos on Youtube and fans are unable to scrap many things from his socials about what Agung has been up to or where. Agung only has two videos in late 2020 and both are promotional videos titled “cara bikin iklan” (how to make an ad) and "WFH".

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His latest video is a simple vlog from the get-go, with no paid promotion, and sponsoring from big brands unlike the previous two videos. It is just Agung telling his viewers to keep things optimistic for 2022.

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