Suntory Garuda Beverage, a company known for its OKKY Jelly Drink, Mountea, MYTEA, and Good Mood, recently announced the winner of the 2021 Mizu Project.


Suntory Garuda Beverage recently announced the winner of the 2021 Mizu Project. The program is a water conservation innovation competition between SGB's target schools called Mizuiku.

The competition took place from October to December 2021 and was attended by 3,430 participants from 24 elementary schools in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Gowa, Banjarmasin and Sidoarjo.

"The purpose of the Mizuiku program in Indonesia, apart from educating on the preservation of clean water and the environment, is also to motivate changes in the behavior of elementary school-aged children," said Ong Yuh Hwang, Chief Executive Officer & President Director, Suntory Garuda Beverage.

"We are very proud that the Mizu Project has succeeded in triggering thousands of children from hundreds of participating schools in Indonesia. They have succeeded in creating new ideas in efforts to protect clean water sources. This is an indicator of the success of the Mizuiku program because it has produced outstanding students who prove that they are can be agents of change in the preservation of clean water."

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Winning innovations
In January, the Mizu Project announced SDI PB Sudirman, Cijantung, South Jakarta as the winner. By implementing the rainwater harvesting program, SDI PB Sudirman, Cijantung, South Jakarta, managed to conserve 900 liters of water during the four-week observation and assessment period.

KLHK RI, Association of Indonesian Adiwiyata Activists (HPAI), and Mizuiku facilitators not only judged the participants from the amount of water being conserved but also assessed the overall water conservation innovation, including aspects of the impact of innovation on school residents and the environment, the suitability of the implementation of the work

The Mizu Project also announced SDI Bontomanai, Gowa (water conservation value of 750 liters); SDN Gunung Putri 05, Bogor (1,575 liters); SDN Periuk 6, Tangerang (2,250 liters) and SDN Pondok Makmur, Tangerang (96 liters) as the second and third winners, as well as first and second runner ups, respectively.

"The innovations of the children from the winning elementary school have succeeded in saving a total of more than 5,500 liters of water (or the equivalent of daily drinking water consumption for 2,500 adults) during the 4-5 weeks of observation and evaluation by the jury," said Ong Yuh Hwang.

"Most of the participating schools are also committed to continuing to operate their water conservation innovations. So imagine how many water conservation innovations these children can realize over a year, or ten years and beyond."

The winners are entitled to several funds to be used to manage water conservation innovations in their respective schools for at least a year.

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