Tech3 KTM Factory Racing's leader Herve Poncharal has high hopes for his team's new lineup following its disappointing performance in Malaysia and Indonesia.


It's not hard to admit that Tech3 KTM Factory Racing's struggles in the previous season were due to the team's inability to produce consistent results. However, the team's resurgence in 2022 has raised hopes for the future.

After winning 13 of the 18 races, both Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez were granted MotoGP opportunities. Unfortunately, both riders suffered injuries during the pre-season tests in Malaysia and Indonesia. However, Gardner is recovering after breaking his wrist, while Fernandez suffers a concussion.

During the tests in Malaysia and Indonesia, the first RC16 bike was only five-tenths away from the fastest rider. Herve Poncharal, the team's boss, noted that it's rare to see a KTM on the front row.

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"In Mandalika, if you take the average over all the laps, Miguel is third. And from Qatar, our package will be gradually improved by small touches. The goal was not to go for a time. The winter tests are above all there for work. Some want to make an impression. We're not like that," Poncharal said.

Although many people think that testing is too long, Poncharal noted that it was exhausting for the young riders. They did not have time to practice, but they also had to endure different conditions.

"But I can assure you that it is exhausting. You don't realize how difficult it is, especially when you've just spent two months in Europe, in conditions far removed from Malaysia or Indonesia, without having done any riding," the former professional rider stated.

Tech3's high hopes for Qatar
As for the riders, Poncharal noted that they had to learn how to handle different wheels and different tires. They have to learn how to cope with a different team of engineers. They also have to learn how to stay focused during their races.

In Sepang and Mandalika, Fernandez ended up in 19th and 22nd places, respectively. It was a bit disappointing for Gardner to place 23rd for both series. Poncharal noted that the grid is still very competitive despite its disappointing results. With the number of World Champions in the field, it's hard to ignore the quality of the riders.

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"Our number one objective is, of course, to win the Rookie of the Year title, even if we know that once again it won't be easy," Poncharal stated his team's goal.

For 2022, the team is going to Qatar with big ambitions. With a couple of experienced riders and a young talent, it's believed that the combination of these two will help the development of the young riders.

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