It reaches 150 meters in length and can travel on the water at a speed of 24 knots.


Various luxury concepts are presented by well-known designers for a yacht. What can you enjoy while relaxing on the calm seawater? It's not enough to describe it in words.

This is what inspired designer Roberto Curto when designing his dream gigayacht. This Italian designer breaks the norms in the maritime world so that his ideas are based on an imaginary world, which can be realized.

Sunrise, the concept of a yacht with a length of 150 meters, is indeed a concept that is very difficult to realize, or maybe because it is too beautiful. The boat stretches from stern to bow in a gentle arc to accommodate an area the size of four football fields. An immense superstructure is used, but it looks like it blends in with the water, not too much by design.

SuperYachtsMonaco Managing Director Jim Evans said that the idea of ​​this immense yacht was to make it look less like a traditional yacht. This is because Sunrise removes layers that usually exist on yachts, so they are lighter. This yacht is more directed to the yacht for use when the weather is sunny.

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Curto designed the ship's hull to penetrate the waves. The Genoa designer created a bow that can literally slide beneath the waves when facing the big sea, providing stability and speed in high wave conditions.

Curto revealed that he had already used this hull design on his smaller, 10-meter-long boat. According to him, this design is similar to the hull of military ships and submarines. Based on his experience on smaller vessels, this design worked perfectly, and he hoped it would work on larger vessels.

Unfortunately, there are no depictions of people in Curto's design drawings to show how comprehensive the Sunrise is, even though the design looks like this ship has an open layout. There is a platform for swimming that has a depth of 11 meters. Then, thanks to using a beam measuring 20 meters, the swimming pool at the stern have a size of up to 15 meters.

Still at the bow, there is an outdoor dining table that can accommodate 22 people. At the bow are another large pool, helipad, and even a jet-ski docking area. To get a feel for the scale, running four laps along the edge of the Sunshine would equal 1.6 kilometers.

This concept feels feasible because the design does not seek to fill the empty spaces offered with multiple rooms or five to six decks. Some gigayacht concepts feel like a confusing maze, thanks to the large hall filled with many rooms. Curto instead provides a simple, open, and zen-style approach to space throughout the yacht.

Inside there is a large atrium with glass panels connected to the bow of the ship. The main room has an open section which adds to the spacious impression. This is also helped by the use of white around the room and not too much furniture.


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The upper deck has an observation room separate from the captain's room. The exterior has a lounge area, gym, dining, and relaxing area. The ship owner's enclosure is made quite spacious with its own gym area. The garage is also able to accommodate small boats and contains several water rides.

The hull design allows the Sunrise to move at a maximum speed of 24 knots. Curto is working with engine manufacturers to create a hybrid electric-diesel system for power and fuel efficiency.

The first impression of this yacht concept is in its exterior design, which displays different curves compared to other yachts. This is because lately, the yacht market wants a luxurious exterior just like the interior.

The production version is expected to shrink to reach a wider audience, perhaps to around 76 meters to 91 meters. But the matter of design is not likely to change because the Curto design can attract many consumers.


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