An OpenSea user infringes Tahilalats comic characters and sells them as NFT.


Hundreds of comic characters created by the creators behind Tahilalats, a native Indonesian comic studio, were stolen and sold as NFT on OpenSea. The creator of Tahilalats, Nurfadli Mursyid complained about the incident on his Twitter account, @lickpalik, last Thursday.

In his Twitter thread, Nurfadli revealed that an OpenSea user under the account name 'tahilalats_face' stole the works of Tahilalats creators and sold them to the platform without the consent of Nurfadli or the other creators.

“Dear @OpenSea, I've noticed users infringing the copyright of my artwork. They are selling illustrations made by me and my followers back in 2015, without their or my consent," he wrote.

He also explained that the Tahilalats team has not made or sold any NFT on the OpenSea platform. Nurfadli emphasized that the Tahilalats team will comply with art trade practices and ethics even if later they will use the platform to sell their works in the future, stating that they will only sell the works they made themselves.

“I would like for your kind help to take down and remove those users infringing the copyright of our work to create a healthy community for artists and collectors alike," he urged.

To the followers of Tahilalats, Nurfadli advised not to buy the stolen works of Tahilalats. If later Tahilalats will publish an NFT collection, they will ensure that the fans will be notified through an official announcement.

A bit about Tahilalats
Tahilalats is an Indonesian online comic created, written, and illustrated by Nurfadli Mursyid and his team. On Twitter, the @tahilalats account has been followed by more than 819 thousand users, while its @tahilalats account int Instagram has been followed by more than 4.7 million users.

Tahilalats, apart from various collaborations with national brands and celebrities, had collaborated with the popular British band, Coldplay, in May 2021 for its latest single entitled "Higher Power".


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