The COVID-19 pandemic gives inspiration to Lidya Valensia to launch a fashion line called SOVLO. Let's join our talk with Lidya!


The COVID-19 pandemic gives inspiration to Lidya Valensia to launch a fashion line called SOVLO. The brand which is under the Lotus Group, a specialist in custom and stitching souvenirs that create stylish souvenirs, was found to help their employees from the uncertainty phase like now. It is also to provide the room for local illustrators so they can keep creating a beautiful masterpiece and together can face the economic crisis due to COVID-19. Let’s join our talk with Lidya!


We know that these past two years have been difficult for everyone. But you can launch a new product in the fashion industry, congrats! What makes you to launch a product during this pandemic?

Our background is a company that provides souvenir wedding and corporate gimmick with more than one hundred of minimum order quantity. Suddenly, this pandemic hits us. Our turnover falls down rapidly to around 70% last year. At the same time, we must find the solution how to beguiling our 70 employees in total, where 40 of them are tailors-men with families. They need to provide for their families to stay alive.

So we came up with an idea to create a brand so customers can buy our product in retail. First, we create Personal Protective Equipment (APD) and mask, but it’s not for a long-term. So we came up with an idea to make fashion items that use unique and local illustrations that we see can be a long-term product. 


What were the challenges that you faced when launching SOVLO?

Our challenge is related to the human resources, at first. Because we are forced to do work from home immediately, so there are some things that we need to stop. Our second challenge that considerably become our main challenge is to look for some illustrations that loved by our consumer. In fact, our team has creativity limitation. So, this early year we run a collaboration with our local illustrator, and it became the main theme of the campaign. 

What are the missions that you want to bring to SOVLO?


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Our mission is to help local illustrators to bring their own masterpieces through our existing sales channel. So basically our job is to curate which illustrations can be monetized in the form of products and help them to launch the right product also. 

Now, local fashion products are everywhere. But what makes SOVLO is different than others?

All elements that we sell are local. We also won't create a product before we conduct a survey first of which product that consumers really want. Also, we have a lifetime service guarantee. 

Do you have ‘a story’ or ‘a message’ that you want to convey in your product?


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All illustrations that SOVLO creates absolutely have a message behind them. But in a big line, we would like to show and convince people that local illustrators have a good value also. Now people can have bags or clothes with import products quality, but in an affordable price. 

Do you have a muse or someone that inspires you to make your product? Why make him/her your inspiration?

We don’t have such a muse as you mentioned, but we can say that our existing customers are the ones who inspire us. If our buyers consider SOVLO as a gift that they want to give to their loved ones, we want SOVLO can convey the message that they want to deliver to them. 

Do you have any hobbies related to the fashion industry? 

I love to mix and match, and to predict which fashion and style will be a trend. 

What is your favorite part of being in the fashion industry?

We are very happy if we can see our customers use SOVLO. Like if we go around and see people wearing our product, it makes us happy.


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What do you think are the most critical aspects of the fashion industry?

Good illustration and the model of the products. 


Do you have any plans for the next 10 years?

We would like to be the biggest platform for local illustrators that are able to sell their masterpieces and able to interact directly with customers in Indonesia.



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