The song, "Junk", was released on Sir Paul McCartney's first solo album.


Paul McCartney, the legendary British musician, has dedicated his 1970 acoustic track "Junk" to The Man/Kind Initiative to be used in a video highlighting the charity's mission to help the homeless around Los Angeles.

The video includes footage of many homeless people and illustrates what The Man/Kind Initiative has been doing to support the homeless, namely supplying meals, shelter, personal care items, and other necessities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"There's nothing humane or noble about allowing people to sleep on the streets," said Man/Kind Vice President, actor, and activist Anne-Marie Johnson, who narrates the video. "The Man/Kind Initiative is attempting to provide prompt triage. That's the very least we can do."

The Man/Kind Initiative is a non-profit organization based in California whose aim is to provide #CovidKindness assistance and mobile shelters to the homeless. Their volunteers provide help where the destitute live: on the streets.

Supporting noble cause through music
According to the video, one of the ways the organization contributes to the community is by supplying homeless individuals with temporary mobile shelters known as EDAR, or "Everyone Deserves a Roof".

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The Man/Kind Initiative supplies food and personal care goods to shelters and distributes them to groups capable of providing secure settings as well as on-site sanitation, food services, and counseling.

"We've all walked past them trying not to notice," said The Man/Kind Initiative's founder, Richard Stellar.

"I had to find a way to make people see them, to wake them up. We needed to reach millions, and I had to think outside the box on how to make that happen. So, we turned to Paul McCartney, and he delivered. The use of his music may be one of the greatest gifts that a non-profit like ours could get. We now will be able to touch millions with our message, and in turn help tens of thousands of homeless, especially veterans and minorities."

Stellar is well-known for his "vituperative blogs" - Vanity Fair on social concerns affecting the film and television industries. He has received multiple first-place prizes from the Los Angeles Press Club for National Journalism and Entertainment Journalism.

He was vital in the victorious struggle for the elderly in the film industry, and his online organization AGE: Activists for Geriatric Equality earned the Los Angeles Press Club's Best Facebook Group award. Furthermore, he has worked on anti-Semitism and systemic racism initiatives and is the producer of TEARS: The Event Against Racism and Stereotyping.

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