Sheeka brings the tagline "Indonesian Energetic Groove".


Bandung never runs out of creative musicians. Sheeka is a newcomer music group that brings the tagline "Indonesian Energetic Groove" from Bandung and has just launched its first single debut in this mid-year entitled, "Hadirmu".

Sheeka tells the story of a woman who loves a man with deep feelings. Tyara Ardita, a vocalist, said, "The woman in this song hopes with her love since at her first meeting. But trouble thoughts often surround her, then she asummes that her love is not reciprocated,". Tyara continued that the situation is happening otherwise. The man she loves truly responds to her feelings. After that, her life changes become more colorful. A sparkling charm in her eyes made the world is different. That man has changed everything. 

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Sheeka's music inspiration comes from Indonesian pop music in the 80s, where all members adore. Disco musical genre, funky, groove, and city pop, like The Rollies, Chrisye, Transs, Guruh, Marini & The Step, Black Brothers, Cici Sumiati, Harry Roesli, and many mores who dominated the charts at that time automatically became a living legend of the glory of Indonesian music. 

Those references are a basic that Sheeka will represent for creating a piece of music. Sheeka comes as a Pop-Indonesian Energetic Groove music group that Sheeka formed at the end of 2020. Consisting of 6 members, Tyara Ardita (Lead Vocals), Chaeluminati (Bass & Sequencer), Diaz Guntara (Guitar & Percussion), Gilang Prassetya (Guitar), Ratih Putria (Keyboard Synth), and Zulfikar Etsa (Drums).

The name of Sheeka comes from Sanskrit, which means a reminder and symbolizes charm and charisma. Zulfikar (a drummer) says that by picking Sheeka as their group band's name, they hope that their music can be a positive reminder for everyone, both in happy and sad conditions.

What's bring Sheeka to present Indonesian Energetic Groove is to take 80s songs back to the Indonesian music stage. They believe that 80s music trends will be reborn and steal Indonesian music listeners’ hearts. Through the song of "Hadirmu,” Sheka invites listeners to dance and enjoying a moment of love story wrapped in 80's nostalgia that has been well-adapted nowadays. 



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