The winners for the documentary and fiction of Family Sunday Movie have been announced by Minister Sandiaga Uno himself


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy or Kemenparekraf has announced the winners for February's Family Sunday Movie.

In the online event "Meet and Greet Family Sunday Movie", Minister Sandiaga Uno congratulated "Maramba" from Komunitas Etanan Films and "Gemintang" from Komunitas Gresik Film for winning the category of documentary and fiction respectively.

"I congratulate you both, keep up the good job and keep developing the creativity," said the 52-year-old minister. Uno also took the chance to encourage other participants, and he also asked others to join the competition.

"To those who had not won, do not be discouraged. There is still a chance until October 2022. And to those who had not participated, don't waste any more time, [act quickly now] and follow the information listed on Kemenparekraf's social media," said Uno during the event.

The minister hopes Family Sunday Movie could support the growth of Indonesia's creative industry. "Happy creating, [go ahead and] make good works, develop regional potentials, and prove that we can be an agent of change for the future," the minister added.

Meanwhile, Kemenparekraf's Director of Music, Film and Animation Mohammad Amin reported that 215 short films were submitted for the February event, despite the short submission time of just eleven days.

"This proves that local filmmakers are productive," said the director. He also added how the festival is helping the economy by creating thousands of jobs to produce the films.

Amin did not forget to point out the importance of promoting participants' works to gain recognition. He hopes Indonesian filmmakers can stand toe to toe with filmmakers from any corner of the world one day.

Family Sunday Movie and what's ahead

FSM's chairman Emil Heradi expressed that the festival can become a window for us to see the beauty of Indonesia's culture, as well as its arts and beautiful landscape. He also believes that FSM can become a medium to promote tourism of each filmmaker's region through an original and engaging method.

Family Sunday Movie was created to appreciate the individuals in Indonesia's independent film industry and promote their works.

Kemenparekraf believes that short films lack recognition and attention in Indonesia. That can be seen through how Indonesia has only a minuscule amount of festivals for short films.

The short film festival will be held from February to October 2022, and every month within that time span, two winners in the category of documentary and fiction will be picked.

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