Find your perfect PC companion from HP.


Since most of us are working from home, the PC has become one of the most essentials and a must-have item during this time. Not only as a working partner, but PC could be our entertainment when we reached the point of burnout. To answer the needs, HP Indonesia has officially launched their new PC premium, HP Spectre x360 14. The new PC from HP has a 15-inch display and mobility form factor of 13.5 that’s perfect for its users’ productivity. 

Clearly, the new PC is perfect for those who are currently working from their home, because, the new HP Spectre x360 has a screen ratio of 3:2. This screen is 20% larger than most PCs that have a ratio of 16:9. Which makes the new PC of HP a perfect partner for working at home and serving the internet. What makes HP Spectre X360 14 is special, it has a Delta E coordinate which makes the colour more vibrant. This makes the picture look more alive and looks real. 

What else makes the HP Spectre X360 14 a gadget that everyone should look up to? We all know that we must pay attention to mother nature. Hence, you should not worry about the HP PC. HP Spectre X360 14 used natural and recycled materials for its keyboard scissor which reduces combustion that equals 1,300 pounds of coal. Additionally, HP also used biodegradable molded fibres to reduce plastic.

The new HP Spectre X360 14 also has several features that could help your working from home more enjoyable. First, the PC has a feature of Intel® Dynamic Tuning that could detect any heat to prevent overheat. Focus mode is another feature on this laptop that could help its users to adjust the lighting of their PC. If you are feeling that your background noise is distracting you while having an online meeting, HP Spectre X360 has a noise-canceling feature that reduces your background noise, isn't it perfect? 

The PC also has Smart Sense which helps to optimise the PC system on the performance, acoustic, and temperature. Last but not least, the new PC has an Auto Color feature that helps the PC to optimise the color on the screen. 

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