We all need a break.


It's been a dream to be a writer and have it as a job. I am lucky that I have three freelance jobs. However, in the last couple of days, I've been experiencing burnout. It was something that I've never experienced before. Well, after a while, I decided to take time on my own. So here's what I do. 


I decided to take a break for a while.


As a fresh graduate, I was desperate to look for a job. I would say that I'm lucky that I've never been unemployed. But during my first month as a freelancer, I wish I could do more, which happened. But sometimes, I would force myself to think of a story that I have never written before—especially being accepted in one of Indonesia's prestigious newspapers. Every week, I would grind myself, calling people and try to write it down. 



So I decided to cut off some of my workloads. It did help. I try to repurpose all my pitches. I prioritized long articles over short ones because I always think about my portfolio. It might sound a bit arrogant, ignorant, or even selfish, but that's what you need to do. Wellness comes first over everything. 


I decided to reward myself for a coffee break. 


I also rewarded myself for a bit. For the past month, I've been blessed to have an opportunity to be a contributing writer at one of the most prestigious newspapers in Indonesia. As a result, I've exceeded my English article goal. By far, I've got three articles that were published on prestigious sites and working with talented editors. So I decided to get a quick coffee break with a friend. I mean, caffeine is just great for your stress, especially when you get a headache. 


Watch all of my favorite series.


Yes, I also watch and rewatch all my favorite series on Netflix. A few of my favorites are The Girls from Nowhere, Alice in Borderland, Sweet Home, Kingdom, The Haunting of Hill House, and The Umbrella Academy. I watch them at night once I'm done with most of my work. 


Well, the working world is different compared to your university life. I would say that the stress level is different. It's challenging but a fascinating world. The whole working from the home situation has changed your working dynamic but hang in there. I would say, working from home is not too bad, but it wasn't great either. But I'm just super blessed to do work from home.

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