New rules for the Tokyo Olympic


With a month to go until the Tokyo Olympic 2020, the organizer finally allowed 10,000 local fans to come to each venue. However, cheering has been banned. Aside from cheering, fans must wear their masks at all times and be told to go home once the game is finished. 

The Tokyo Olympic Organisers set a limit of 50% capacity, but the officials said if coronavirus cases rise again, the rules could be changed. However, fans from abroad were already banned a few months ago. 

The decision was made as opposition among the Japanese to holding the Games in July remains high. Although, it may have been softening and as new infections in Tokyo have begun to subside. However, the health officials feared that crowds at the Olympics could have driven the COVID-19 cases up in a country where most people have to be vaccinated. 

The country's top medical adviser, Dr. Shigeru Omi, recommended last week that the safest way to hold the Olympics would be without fans. Allowing fans presents a risk not just at the venues but also to more people stopping by bars and restaurants.

The Tokyo Olympics would be different. Fans are definitely critical during sporting events as the fans are giving additional energy to the athletes. However, according to a 19-20 June poll by the Asahi News Network, 65% of respondents said they wanted the event postponed again. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced Thursday the country's state of emergency will be lifted on Sunday in all but Okinawa Prefecture, as cases continue to decline nationwide and the fourth wave of the pandemic appears to have crested weeks ago.

Novak Djokovic himself has expressed his thoughts on the fans for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. "I'm planning to play in the Tokyo Olympic Games, for now," Djokovic said. "As I heard, there's going to be some crowd, local crowd from Japan only. As I understand, 20%-30% of the capacity," he said.

"If they change something, if there's not going to be any crowd, then I'll consider if I want to go or not. But, right now, I am planning to go, and I'm very excited about that," Djokovic added.

On the other hand, Roger Federer has not decided anything yet. "I don't know. I feel two ways," Federer said. "I would love to play. But, on the other hand, I wish things were better around the world that we wouldn't even have to debate the thought of, 'Is it going to happen? Am I going to play or not?'

"My wish and hope and dream is that I can play it. But it needs to make sense for me, my team, my family, and my country. So I'm still waiting to see how things are going to develop in the next couple of weeks and mont

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