PUBG Mobile will develop a franchise model for its tournament in SEA.


In preparation for the upcoming season of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, the officials of Tencent have shared a brief roadmap for the game's future.

Due to the increasing popularity of esports, its tournaments are gaining more recognition than other sports. One example of the title is PUBG Mobile, which constantly expands its base day by day. Tencent has been instrumental in developing the popular title and its various tournaments.

James Yang, the director of PUBG Mobile Esports, revealed that he wants to expand the ecosystem of the game's eSports by introducing the latest version, PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0, sometime in 2022.

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The new roadmap indicated that the PMNC and regional cups would be the first step toward the PMPL or PUBG Mobile Pro League. The PMNC and regional cups will only be held once a year and focus on the emerging amateur players.

New changes
The tournament formats for the PMNC and regional cups will be different from the previous ones, with the semi-pro and amateur players competing against each other. Meanwhile, the pros will continue to compete in the PMCO (PUBG Mobile Club Open) in Spring and Fall.

The PMNC will be held in 11 countries. Meanwhile, the regional cups will be held in eight different regions. So, the regional cups will be the qualifying match for PMNC, while PMNC will be the qualifying tournament for PMCO. The PMCO will be held in South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The 22nd Asian Games will be held in September, and PUBG Mobile will be held as an official medal event. Professional teams from all around the continent will be participating.

PUBG Mobile will also be included as a medal event during the 31st Southeast Asian Games held in Vietnam from May 13 to 22, 2022.

Another significant change introduced in PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0 is the Franchise Leagues model. This model will be held in Southeast Asia in the second half of 2022.

According to Yang, the prize pool for the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile Esports will be bigger than the previous one. In 2021, the PMGC had a prize pool of $6 million (Rp 86.11 billion).

PUBG Mobile trials franchising in Southeast Asia

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Yang explained that the franchise system allows professional teams to be involved in the game's development and gain a share of the game's revenues.

Currently, teams only receive a portion of the prize pool if they win the tournament. On the other hand, franchised models allow them to take a share of the revenues.

Yang also mentioned that the team is currently exploring franchising in Southeast Asia. Yang also noted that the system will eventually be fully refined in 2023.

It's no surprise that Southeast Asia was selected as the first area to implement a franchised league. The region is a natural fit for the franchise model with a huge player base.

The team will expand to other regions if the franchised system works in SEA.




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