Breaking Barriers and Paving the Way for Women in Esports Production


In a significant stride toward gender diversity and inclusivity in the esports broadcasting and production industry, Riot Games has partnered with the 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting talented women in pursuit of their dream careers. Together, they have unveiled the Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at accelerating the careers of women in the often overlooked but vital behind-the-scenes roles of esports broadcasting and production.

The demand for such support is evident in an industry where women constitute nearly half of gamers globally, yet occupy only around 22% of leading roles in esports, with even fewer in broadcasting. The Esports Broadcasting Cadetship is a targeted effort to bridge this gender gap and elevate women's presence and influence within the esports and gaming sector.

Part of 1DF's BroadcastHER Initiative, launched in 2018 to empower women aspiring to work in the gaming and esports field, the Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship represents a significant milestone in championing gender equity within the industry.

Key partners in this endeavor include Riot Games, the renowned video game developer, publisher, and esports tournament organizer, along with their Remote Broadcast Center, Powered by AWS. These organizations share a commitment to fostering diversity and equity, as reflected in their support for initiatives like the Esports Broadcasting Cadetship.

Allyson Gormley, Global Operations Director of Riot Games' Broadcast Centres, emphasized the importance of diversity in the esports world, stating, "Cultivating diversity isn't just a choice; it's our obligation to the future of the esports industry. I am excited for our partnership with 1,000 Dreams Fund and for the launch of our new cadetship program, where we hope to cultivate new talent that will grow into roles within the esports broadcast production industry."

The program's kickoff event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, featuring a virtual information session to introduce interested candidates to the initiative. Subsequently, the partners will host a series of four Masterclasses starting on November 1, designed to train individuals interested in pursuing careers in esports and to prepare them for two paid, three-month training cadetship positions at Riot Games' Remote Broadcast Centre (RBC) in Dublin, Ireland, set to commence in 2024.

Following the Masterclass series, the Esports Broadcasting Cadetship application process will open. The partners are particularly keen on applications from college or university students interested in esports production or those with prior esports production experience, with a special emphasis on applicants from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region.

Christie Garton, Founder, and CEO of 1,000 Dreams Fund, expressed enthusiasm for the program, stating, "We are thrilled to launch the Riot Games Esports Production Cadetship as it incorporates all three of our mission-driven pillars - FundHER, MentorHER, and HireHER - into an exciting new and much-needed program that will help accelerate the careers of women who aspire to work in esports broadcast production."

Thanks to the collaboration with Riot Games, this initiative not only provides exposure and insights into the esports industry through the masterclasses but also offers two deserving individuals the opportunity of a paid cadetship at the culmination of their virtual training period.

To learn more about the Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship and sign up for the webinars this fall, visit 1,000 Dreams Fund's website.

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