Oktila brought back two gold and one silver from para-badminton. The biggest bonus in history.


The Indonesian Paralympic Team made history in the paralympic competition in Tokyo 2020. In the world championship, the Indonesian team managed to bring two gold medals.

As promised, the government then handed over bonuses to paralympic athletes who excelled on Friday (17/9/2021). Most surprising was the total attendance received by the paralympic badminton athlete, Leani Ratri Oktila, who received a bonus of up to Rp. 13.5 billion from the government.

This bonus is a form of gratitude from the government for Oktila's success in presenting two gold and one silver medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. Oktila got gold from the struggle in the women's doubles with Khalimatus Sadiyah and the mixed doubles with Hary Susanto.

In addition to the two gold medals, Oktila obtained silver medals from the women's singles number, makes Oktila make history as the athlete with the most significant Olympic bonus.


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According to the government's promise, there is no difference in bonuses given to athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics. Rewards worth Rp 5.5 billion for gold winners and Rp 2.5 billion for silver winners.

"For your achievements, the government gives awards, appreciation in the form of bonuses of Rp 5.5 billion to gold winners and Rp 2.5 billion to silver medalists," said President Joko Widodo during the bonus handover ceremony.

The silver medalists included Deva Anrismusthi from the men's singles badminton branch and Ni Nengah Widiasih from the powerlifting branch.

Athletes who won bronze were given a bonus of Rp 1.5 billion. The athletes included Saptoyogo Purnomo from para-athletics, David Jacobs from the men's singles table tennis, Suryo Nugroho from the men's singles para-badminton and Fredy Setiawan from the men's singles para-badminton.

Furthermore, for athletes who have not won medals, the government provides a bonus of Rp 100 million.

"This is a leap compared to the previous Paralympics and you are able to prove that you can compete, that you can compete in the global arena," said the President.


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Equality with non-disabled athletes

The amount of this bonus is a breath of fresh air for the Indonesian paralympic world. Oktila is grateful when the government well appreciates her and her colleagues' achievements.

"In the current government, we athletes feel equal. So we don't feel different from the others. It makes us confident," said Oktila after the award ceremony.

Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali said that the President assigned him not to discriminate between bonuses given to outstanding athletes, both disabled and non-disabled.

"The President gave me directions so that there would not be the slightest difference to NPC athletes. So I followed the instructions and until now I am like a family with athletes with disabilities," said Amali.

In the Grand Design of National Sports (DBON), which President Joko Widodo has signed, the Presidential Regulation on National Sports Day 9 September 2021 did not make any difference in the facilities that all national athletes received.


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"In this DBON, we give equal place between Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Of course, we facilitate exactly what Olympic athletes get, starting from their preparation, training, delivery to qualification. Then when we compete, we are equal, there is not the slightest difference. Because we know that the friends who are gathered in this NPC have the ability and also the spirit to excel," said Amali.

Oktila made history as an Indonesian paralympic athlete who brought two gold medals. Oktila took part in the Paralympics for the first time and was able to make history.

"I've always said that I want to show my best for Indonesia, give everything for the Indonesian people. These two gold medals did not meet the target because I dropped in three numbers so I wanted three golds," said the 30-year-old athlete.


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