In a collaboration with many firms, the Nusantara Lima Satellite will provide the biggest satellite capacity in Southeast Asia.


With the launch of the Nusantara Lima Satellite in 2023, which will augment the capacity of the SATRIA-1, PSN Group will be among the biggest satellite providers in the region with over 330 Gbps of capacity.

The Nusantara Lima satellite will have a capacity of over 160 Gbps, which will allow users to reach various countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Johnny G. Plate, the Minister of Communications and Information of Indonesia, lauded the partnership between the government and PSN Group to launch the Nusantara Lima satellite. The Nusantara Lima satellite will provide Indonesia with 140 Gbps of capacity, which will allow the government to provide connectivity to various parts of the country.

Aside from Indonesia, the satellite will also enable users to reach neighboring countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia.

Covering more regions
Anang Latif, the president director of Indonesia's telecommunications agency BAKTI, noted that the increased capacity of the satellites will allow the agency to provide reliable and secure communications in remote areas of the country.

Adi Rahman Adiwoso, the CEO of the PSN Group, said that the company has already signed a contract with Boeing Satellite Systems to build the satellite. It has also partnered with SpaceX to launch the satellite.

Boeing confirmed the collaboration and noted that the company has a long history of serving the Asia-Pacific region.

"We also provided Indonesia's first telecommunications satellite Palapa A1 in 1976, and we're proud to continue that legacy for Indonesia and its neighbors with our customer PT Satelit Nusantara Lima (SNL), a subsidiary of Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, on the N5 Satellite," Ryan Reid, the president of Boeing Satellite Systems International, said.

Through innovative technologies, such as satellite-mounted transient-free precision pointing, the Boeing 702MP satellite will provide unmatched connectivity to the Asia-Pacific region.

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Key ground segment
Hughes Network Systems and Kratos were also selected by the PSN Group to provide ground segment support for the Nusantara Lima network.

Ramesh Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Hughes, noted that the company is pleased to support the efforts of PSN Group in providing better connectivity to the unconnected regions of Indonesia.

As for Kratos, the company will provide PSN Group with hi-tech antennas. Kratos' solution will allow PSN to enhance the connectivity of its satellites and support its service delivery goals.

"Cutting-edge gateways enabled by advanced Kratos antennas and integrated Kratos carrier and network management software will provide the advanced technology to support PSN's space assets and service delivery goals," said Kratos Sales Supervisor Mike Smith.

Moreover, PCCW Global has provided teleport services to support PSN's gateway on the Nusantara Satu satellite. COO Frederick Chui noted that the company is also strengthening its collaboration with PSN by supporting the launch of a new satellite.

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