Competing in the women's 41 kilogram class, she managed to do the best lift of 98 kilograms.


The Tokyo Paralympics have just started, Wednesday (25/8/2021). However, Indonesia has won a medal on the second day of the event.

The sport that contributed to the first medal was powerlifting. Indonesian female para-powerlifting athlete, Ni Nengah Widiasih, opened the faucet for the Indonesian team's medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

The match, held at the Tokyo International Forum, Thursday (26/8/2021), witnessed Widiasih winning the runner-up position. Competing in the women's 41 kilogram class, Widiasih managed to do the best lift of 98 kilograms.

Widiasih's struggle was not easy. She managed to lift 96 kilograms at the first opportunity. On the second occasion, She tried to lift 98 kilograms but failed. Finally, at the last chance, she was able to lift 98 kilograms.


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The gold medal went to the athlete from China, Guo Lingling, who recorded a force of 108 kilograms. The bronze medal was won by Clara Sarahy Fuentes Monasterio from Venezuela. This silver medal is the second offering for Indonesia. 

“I am happy and proud because it is according to personal targets. Before coming here, I was ranked 2nd in the world and finally on target,” said Widiasih after the match.

“China is very strong. But I am grateful because today the Red and White flag can fly and can improve the class and ranking of Brazil, from bronze to silver. Hopefully later in the Asian Para Games and ASEAN Para Games in the future we can perform better too," she added.

Widiasih has been in the world of athletes since elementary school. She is from Bali and has loved sports since she was in the 4th grade of elementary school. At that time, Widiasih was taking part in athletic racing for fun.

But it turns out that the path she chose paid off. Several times she participated in national-scale competitions and won achievements.

Regarding powerlifting, Widiasih admits that she follows her environment. She is close to powerlifting athletes and chose to pursue this sport. Her first medal was presented at the 2006 National Championship, which at that time immediately won gold. His journey in the national training center began in 2007.


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“Thank you to all the community for their support. Hopefully my medal can be a motivation for friends who compete later and keep fighting. Hopefully the Red and White will fly as much as possible in Tokyo," said Widiasih.

“To the government, they themselves have promised that there will be no difference. Yes, happy and hopefully will continue to be so. The government has been amazing in supporting us and that is an honor for us. Hopefully it will continue like that," said Widiasih.

Widiasih's success in getting a silver medal at the Tokyo Paralympics has received President Joko Widodo. The President congratulated Widiasih on her achievements on the international stage.

Just like the Tokyo Olympic athletes, Paralympic athletes who excel will get the same bonus. Gold medal winners will receive a compensation of Rp 5.5 billion, silver Rp 2.5 billion, and bronze Rp 1.5 billion. In addition, each participating athlete will get Rp 100 million.


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