After Gading Marten pulled out, Prilly stepped up to sign the deal to buy out the "Bayi Ajaib" team.


Indonesia actress Prilly Latuconsina recently announced herself as the owner of the Persikota Tangerang club, following the popular trend among celebrities. Previously, Raffi Ahmad officially invested his funds in the Rans Cilegon FC club.

Since last week, rumors of Prilly's interest in buying the Liga 3 team shares have been circulating. Persikota manager, Mahdiar, did not deny that Prilly intends to purchase shares in the Bayi Ajaib (Magical Baby) team.

Prilly visited the club's practice at its home base, Benteng Stadium, on Friday, January 21. The actress of the popular horror film "Danur" followed up her intention by visiting the residence of the Mayor of Tangerang, Arief R Wismansyah, on Monday, January 24.

"Women can too! Finally, I can officially announce that now I'm joining Persikota Tangerang as the owner," Prilly wrote on her personal Instagram account after signing an official agreement with Persikota.

"I will give my best so that Persikota can rise to its former glory. I hope that in the next few years, Persikota can become one of the best teams and win League 1," she continued.

"Nothing is impossible. Cheers everyone! @persikotafc1994."

Persikota Tangerang was previously rumored to be bought out by comedy actor Gading Marten. However, he later pulled out of the negotiation.

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The history of "Bayi Ajaib" team

Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Kota Tangerang, or Persikota Tangerang, is an Indonesian football club based in Tangerang, founded on 11 October 1994 through a PSSI on December 1995. It debuted in the Liga Indonesia competition in the 1995-1996 season.

A year after its establishment, Persikota won Division Two by 2–0 over Persipal Palu and 1–0 against Persewangi Banyuwangi. A season later, the team won Division 1 by 3-1 against PSIM, then it was deemed qualified for the Liga Indonesia Premier Division for the 1997-1998 season. It earned all these achievements after a short while since its establishment, hence the "Bayi Ajaib" nickname.

However, throughout the Liga Indonesia period in the 2000s, Persikota Tangerang was never relegated to the top divisions until 2013 due to the club's financial difficulties. The team now plays in the third division of Indonesian football, Liga 3, after a boost by its new management in 2016.

Managed by Mahdiar and coached by Sahala Saragih, the current roster consists of Nur Ikhsan, Abraham Armando Leonard, Bayu Ally Aqza, Khairunnas, Huda Fadli Yunus, Muhammad Abil Hasani, Ajudya Eka Kurniawan, Arif Maulana, Muhammad Hardi Cahyanto, Muh Fay Leonard Riyadi, Arif Samudra, Dean Nurhaji, Agum Gumelar, Al Fasyimi, and Renaldi Pangaribuan.

Also part of its roster are Muhamad Abdul Azis, Rangga Fajri Darmawan, Teguh Sugeng Riyadi, Sidiq Haikal Maulana, Rian Novra Pratama, Muhammad Nanda Adnan Mahing, Alpin Alpani, Fauzan Faiq Alhabsyi, Reno Saputra, Faisal Anwar, Suja’an Ridho, Afrisal Dwi Salgani, Adam Lepo Wijaya, and Sehabudin Ahmad.

This team is supported by a group of supporters called Benteng Mania. The group was officiated in 1994 and now has more than 10,000 members in Tangerang, not to mention its diaspora in Transit, Ciledug, V-room, Hard Kids, Sepatan, Benteng Makassar, Cipondoh, Benda, Kota, Kota Bumi, C-mone, Karawaci, Benua Indah, Binong, and Tanah Tinggi.

Benteng Mania has their own anthem and would sing it together during matches to boost the spirit of the players.

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