Unlocking the Hidden Gems: Ministry of Tourism's Campaign 5.0 Brings Tourists to Four Charming Villages in Magelang Regency, Central Java.


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) once again held a series of Tourism Awareness Campaign 5.0 activities. This time, in four villages in Magelang Regency, Central Java.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging villages that are pioneering the development of the tourism sector, in order to “explore their tourism potential, and process it into a tourism product with market value.”

Deputy for Resources and Institutions at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Martini M. Paham, said that out of around 7,200 Tourism Villages in Indonesia, tourism villages had been selected as targets for implementing the Tourism Awareness Campaign 5.0.

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"This program is fully supported by the World Bank in 2022 and 2023, for that selected tourist villages must be able to make good use of and maximize this program so that the program is on target and has the right benefits," Martini told reporters, Monday, as quoted by JawaPos.

Tourism Awareness Campaign 5.0 aims to increase understanding, knowledge, and skills in managing the potential of tourism villages. So that the village and various other small businesses in the village are ready to host tourists.

The series of activities for the Tourism Awareness Campaign 5.0 begins with a one-day training phase. Targeting tourism actors, as well as related parties in the village. The outreach was held in four tourist villages in Mungkid District, Magelang Regency, Central Java, namely the Treko, Gondang, Pagersari, and Ambartawang Tourism Villages.

These four villages have stunning landscapes set against mountains, rice fields, and plantations. Natural tourism potential is also equipped with springs that can be developed into tourist destinations. In addition, each village has potential cultural actors to support tourism, as well as enriched culinary and craft potential.

It is noted that of the 230 tourist attractions owned by Magelang Regency, more than 80 of them are natural tourism. With their own creativity, the tourist villages which are currently pioneering tourism development are expected to be able to take advantage of natural potential, in order to boost the economy from the tourism sector and the creative economy.

Meanwhile, Surana, as the representative for the Directorate of Tourism HR Development at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, emphasized the large contribution of the community to tourism development, including identifying potentials that could be cultivated.

"Through Tourism Awareness Socialization 5.0 we also want to provide an understanding, it is important for residents to know the potential that exists in their respective villages, then explore the potential so that it can be used as a tourism product that can be sold," said Surana.

In line with this statement, the Head of the Magelang Regency Tourism, Youth and Sports Office, Slamet Ahmad Husein also encouraged a self-help movement that encourages community participation in tourism development, such as the Tourism Awareness Group or Pokdarwis.

"This self-help movement is expected to create a sense of belonging in the residents towards the progress of tourism in their village," said Ahmad Husein.

He expressed his appreciation that this year in Magelang not only tourist villages around Borobudur were touched by the 5.0 Tourism Awareness Campaign Program, but also 15 other villages outside the Borobudur area. For this reason, he invited all participants to make the most of the entire series of activities and called on the implementation of collective cooperation between various parties in order to achieve the expected results.

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