Travel trends that everyone has to be ready for after the global pandemic.


What will travel trends change after coronavirus? The private trip, flexibility in changing schedule, and staycation are seemly to become part of our future as we try to support an industry that’s been on its knees since the pandemic began in early 2020. 

This pandemic which massively spread around the world has had an unprecedented impact on the travel industry. Though some airlines are still flying, including rescue flights to repatriate people to their home countries, many carriers have all but shut down for the time being. Hotels are laying off employees by the hundreds of thousands. After several ships were stuck at sea for weeks, many cruise lines have axed sailings through the summer. Travelers are scrambling to cancel trips and get refunds or salvage plans. In short, the travel industry has never faced panic, change, and disruption on this scale.

In search of insights about how coronavirus is likely to change the way we travel in the future, here we predict how are travel trends gonna be after the global pandemic:

Staycations are becoming the most popular tourism trends during social distancing

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The pandemic also seems to have created a demand for unique and private staycation spots, and in fact, a staycation is currently one of the biggest holiday trends. Given the whole concept of social distancing, open spaces such as these are a good idea. According to Google Trends, staycation has peaked after the pandemic began due to the restriction and risks involved in long-distance travel. For instance, the percentage of bookings made on Airbnb increased from one-third in February to over half of all bookings in May.

The tourism industry, which has suffered a sudden yet savage blow, counts on this surge in staycations to recover. More and more luxury hotels, resorts, homestays, and other players are designing staycation packages. This could, in turn, control the damage of the floundering economy as well.

Flexibility in changing flight 

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to much upheaval in the airline industry. However, booking a ticket has become a lot more flexible than it used to be. Airlines want bookings but realize most people have no idea if they can travel a couple of months down the road. With that in mind, change fees have mostly been waived.

According to The Points Guy, while many travelers are again willing to take to the skies, countless flyers continue to be impacted by pandemic-related service adjustments. Airlines, airports, and even the TSA are fighting to hire new workers to handle the crush, plus balance a wave of flight cancellations and delays. It could be a great time to use miles to book future trips. Several airlines have updated their frequent flyer programs to allow members to cancel and deposit awards for free, giving you far more flexibility.

Private yet luxury destinations seem to be the most favorite one

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Hotels are booking quickly, so luxury travelers are looking for seamless travel to a place where they don’t need to be near people. A prime example: Antarctica. Remote, mountainous, and heavily glaciated, Antarctica is the most southern continent globally, an icy wonderland with a fantastic landscape unlike anywhere else on the planet. Flagship offers exclusive luxury travel via a private jet charter into the heart of the Great White Continent to explore this uncharted territory away from crowds of people.

Other options for remote luxury travel include private yacht expeditions. Whether organizing an exhilarating dive quest to the Coral Triangle, a seafaring adventure for the entire family, or a magical voyage of discovery to pristine islands lost in time, a private yacht allows you to take in the sights away from the masses.



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