The NFT collection is for a music video, starring the late actor Bob Saget.


LOAK, a rising merchandise firm geared towards Augmented Reality, has revealed the official NFT collection for "BAKIN", the trending hip-hop track by artists Desiigner, Slushii, and DJ Whoo Kid, on February 18, 2022.

The launch of the LOAK merchandise line coincides with the release of the widely anticipated "BAKIN" music video, which stars late actor and comedian Bob Saget in one of his final on-screen performances.

The exclusive merchandise collection comprises four chef hat designs: the Original "BAKIN" Chef Hat and three Artist Signature Chef Hats created to encapsulate the distinct personalities of Slushii, Desiigner, and DJ Whoo Kid.

The catch is, customers can virtually use any of the BAKIN chef hats as an Augmented Reality filter and publish them on their social media profiles.

LOAK is a virtual merchandise platform that helps creators to create exclusive NFT items and interact with worldwide audiences. LOAK collections are valuable items of fashion that can be worn in Augmented Reality and are coined as NFTs on the blockchain, ensuring perpetual authenticity.

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The firm is at the crossroads of art, technology, commerce, and gaming, which has prompted them to collaborate on wearable NFTs with several of society's most creative and prominent innovators, notably Waka Flocka Flame, Kalani Robb, Splinterlands, Desiigner, Chase The Money, and many more.

Wearable NFT featured on Snapchat
Just a few days prior to the "BAKIN" NFT launch, LOAK also announced a collaboration with Splinterlands and Waka Flocka Flame to offer an exclusive NFT release. The NFT has dual use, serving as both a limited-edition playing card in Splinterlands and a digital fashion accessory that can be worn utilizing Snapchat's Augmented Reality.

Waka Spiritblade, the playable summoner card, will be a legendary 3-cost death summoner with the poison power. The feature will be granted to all monsters owned by the user on the field. As a result, they will have a 50 percent chance of inflicting poison to hostile monsters on hit.

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Dr. Jesse "Aggroed" Reich, co-founder and CEO of Splinterlands, expressed his delight about working with Loak and Waka Flocka Flame.

“NFTs hold the promise of ‘true digital ownership’ and a big part of that is for in-game assets purchased by players to have value and be sold outside the game,” he explained. “This is just one of the first examples of the promising future that will radically change the value proposition for gamers.”

Similarly, LOAK founder and CEO Jacob Safar described the collaboration as a critical step in LOAK's breakthrough into the Play-to-Earn ecosystem. Safar is excited about the possibilities that the system offers.

Splinterlands offered 500 NFTs throughout the sale, with the offering divided into two variants – Regular and Gold. As per the press release sent to Invezz, the first deck had 480 regular and 20 gold cards.

The other half of the 1000 NFT collection will be released on Splinterlands' AtomicHub marketplace at a later date.

Those who are interested can obtain the collection in two ways: in-game (as was the case during the initial part of the auction), or through an external account.

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