Following Porsche Macan's success as a compact car, the company will release another model in 2023, the Macan T.


The Porsche Macan was once again the best-selling compact crossover vehicle in the world last year.

To celebrate, Porsche has created a special edition model called the Macan T. It features the crossover's entry-level 2.0-liter I-4 engine with 261 horsepower and a clean, sporty exterior.

The Macan comes from the 911 and 718 models, where the "T" designation denotes a more basic yet sporty treatment that's usually considered budget-friendly. This is the first time Porsche has offered this trim on a Porsche SUV.

Macan T's features
The Macan T denotes a more authentic driving experience, and according to the company, it features a balance of power and efficiency optimized for touring performance.

The Macan T's 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produces a lower 129 pounds over the axle, which helps improve fuel economy. These savings are also beneficial to the vehicle's handling. Additionally, the Macan T has 20-inch dark titanium wheels and the non-T Macan's 19-inch wheels as another option.

The Agate Grey Metallic paint is exclusive to the Macan T. It gets a variety of contrast treatment features in the mirrors, runners, roof spoiler, logos, and fascia (dashboard decoration). Apart from the Agate Grey, the Macan T also comes in 12 other optional colors.

The new paint treatment can be considered subtle and understated, though it still stands out from the Macan Joneses. The Macan T's window surrounds and exhaust tips are finished in gloss black. The silver stitching helps a little bit, though the all-black interior is missing in dimension.

The heated steering wheel and eight-way adjustable front seats are also featured on the Macan T. Other standard updates include a new haptic-controlled central console, a shorter gear lever, and larger open storage.

The Macan T is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This model is also tuned with a more rearward-oriented power split, allowing the vehicle to accelerate more smoothly around the corners.

The upcoming model's handling is also tuned to give it a more refined feel. An optional torque-vectoring feature is also available to help improve its handling.

The Macan T is also equipped with the desirable Sport Chrono Package, including a dash clock, a steering-mounted switch, and a Sport Response button. According to Porsche, the new Macan T can reach a top speed of 144 mph. As for its acceleration, the model can go from zero to 60 in less than six seconds.

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Because the Macan T is intended for touring instead of sprinting, those numbers are impressive enough for a compact luxury SUV among its class.

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