West Java Province became the overall champion, Papua was considered successful in organizing a national event.


The National Sports Week (PON) XX Papua 2021 ends with a closing ceremony on Friday (15/10/2021). West Java Province managed to defend the overall title while DKI Jakarta took the runner-up position.

West Java won 133 gold medals, 105 silver medals, and 115 bronze medals out of 353 medals. DKI Jakarta Province won 110 gold medals, 105 silver medals, and 116 bronze medals, with 301 medals.

This standings competition is determined until the last minute obtained from the Men's 3x3 Basketball match. DKI Jakarta succeeded in following East Java which was in third place. East Java won 110 medals, 89 silver medals, and 88 bronze medals.


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The host, Papua, obtained the fourth position with 261 medals consisting of 93 gold, 66 silver, and 102 bronze medals. In the fifth position is Bali Province, with 28 gold, 25 silver, and 53 bronze medals.

The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, said that defending the title as the overall champion at the National Sports Week or PON Papua is a proof that West Java is not only a good team at its own home.

"This PON XX Papua is a proof that West Java is not only be a good team at our home. In 2016, there was a hashtag West Java was good at home, but today we prove that we won in Papua," said Ridwan Kamil.

Many parties welcomed Papua's success in organizing XX PON. Vice President Ma'ruf Amin, during his speech at the closing of the event, revealed that Papua is a national sporting power and holds the seeds of superior achievements for national athletes by occupying the fourth standings in the final results of PON XX.


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"This shows that Papua has become the power of the national sports elite. This is proof that the earth of Papua is not only rich but full of talent. Therefore, we must continue to work hard so that Papuan talents grow and thrive in all aspects to accelerate the development of prosperity in the Land of Papua, "said Amin.

At PON XX Papua 2021, they perform dances from Aceh and North Sumatra, which will host PON XXI 2024. The traditional dance of Aceh province features the Ratoh Duek dance. Meanwhile, traditional dances from North Sumatra feature multi-ethnic dances typical of North Sumatra.

The performances of these dances appeared after the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe handed the PON flag to the General Chairperson of the Central KONI Marciano Norman, who was then handed over to the Aceh Regional Secretary Taqwallah and the Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi as the host of the XX 2021 PON.

After the procession of handing over the PON flag to the 2024 hosts, which was first held in two provinces, Aceh performed the Ratoh Duek dance, while North Sumatra presented the traditional dances of Nias, Karo, Toba.

At the Papua PON, Aceh is in 12th place with 11 gold medals, seven silver medals, and 11 bronze medals, while North Sumatra is one level below it in 13th place with ten gold medals, 22 silver medals, and 23 bronze medals.


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A 15-year-old girl wins 3 gold medals

This fantastic achievement was re-engraved at PON XX Papua 2021. This time, an athlete who was still in junior high school, Gladies Lariesa Garina, managed to win three gold medals at once for the East Java contingent at PON XX Papua 2021.

Gladies presented the three gold medals through the aquatic sport. The SMP 40 Surabaya student managed to win gold medals in the women's tower diving, women's 3-meter board number, and women's 1-meter board number XX Papua 2021.

She won three gold medals in a row. Finally, in the final for the women's 1-meter board medal, Gladies managed to record the highest points from five jumps.

The 15-year-old athlete managed to record 281.70. This result made her beat two competitors, Linandini Yasmin (DKI Jakarta) and Linar Betiliana (East Java). This is the first time the Gladies appear in the PON event. After collecting the medals, Gladies said that she did not expect to win three gold medals in his first event.

"I didn't expect it because it was my first time participating in PON and I managed to beat my seniors. I also didn't expect that in all the match numbers I participated in, I managed to get gold," said Gladies.

Furthermore, Gladies revealed that the three gold medals were primarily dedicated to East Java and its parents. In addition, this achievement is also following the target set by the East Java contingent.

"I dedicate this (gold) medal first to East Java, then to my parents and my school," she concluded.


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