Nissan GT-R looks fresh with the presence of the T-Spec model and a powerful variant from Nismo.


​​The GT-R is a legendary product from Nissan. This sports sedan has been around for decades to set a high standard for the sports car world with many diehard fans.

On Tuesday (14/9/2021), Nissan Motor Co., Ltd presented an update for the GT-R sports sedan model. Unfortunately, this latest model will be marketed specifically for the Japanese domestic market first.

In this launch, in addition to the standard model, Nissan also presented two limited models, namely the GT-R Premium Edition T-spec and the GT-R Track Edition Engineered by Nismo T-Spec. Both are marketed limited to 99 units for lucky consumers.

The two limited edition T-spec models are equipped with carbon-ceramic braking features, a carbon fibre rear spoiler, an exclusive engine cover and special "T-spec" badges on the front and rear.



In terms of color, Nissan added two new colors, Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade, for the T-spec variant. The purple colour of the GT-R has been used in the previous generation of the GT-R, which was inspired by the changing color of the aurora borealis light. The Millennium Jade color shows a product that exudes an aura of strength while still looking premium.

Regarding the T-spec, this is the GT-R philosophy, which is Nissan's proud sports car inspired by the words "trend" and "traction". Nissan does describe this product as a trend maker in the automotive world and its ability to bite the asphalt (traction) while on the circuit alias as a "Traction master".

Regarding the Nismo variant, this is a model that is more prepared for the racing arena. The Nissan GT Nismo T-Spec is given a carbon-fibre roof and a carbon-fibre engine cover.

Nissan did not provide information on what changes Nissan will make to the standard 2022 GT-R. From the spec sheet in Japan, the T-spec model uses 20-inch rims from Rays, an aero kit all around the car, including a carbon fibre diffuser, titanium exhaust from Fujitsubo, and LED headlights and taillights.


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The interior uses leather with a unique green colour on the T-spec. This leather material is also found in the transmission lever area. Regarding comfort in the cabin, the driver gets the convenience of moving the transmission from the paddle shift; there is a steering switch to adjust the audio, driving mode settings, suspension mode, Alcantara leather on the roof of the cabin, Auto AC with air filter, and Bose 11 speaker audio with active noise and audio features. The head unit measures 8 inches which have the NissanConnect feature.

There is no complete information regarding the specifications of engine changes in the latest GT-R. Nissan still uses the VR38DETT engine that has been used since the first GT-R model. This engine measures 3,799 cc, producing power of about 565 hp with a maximum torque of about 600 nm. The Nismo version is more powerful, around 600 to 700 hp, with a torque of about 780 nm. This engine is paired with a GT-R GR6 dual-clutch transmission.

Regarding the price, the standard GT-R variant is offered from ¥10 million, or around Rp1.2 billion to ¥14 million or around Rp1.8 billion. For consumers who want a special edition, T-Spec needs to dig deeper into their pockets. The T-Spec edition is priced from ¥15 million or around Rp1.9 billion to ¥17 million or around Rp2.2 billion.


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