Forging Tourism Diplomacy: Indonesian-Russian Fam Trip Unveils New Horizons


In a bid to strengthen tourism ties between Indonesia and Russia, a group of 23 adults embarked on an enlightening Familiarization (Fam) Trip from Jakarta to Moscow and Kazan. Organized as part of the tourism cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two countries, the trip aimed to showcase the diverse attractions Indonesia has to offer to Russian tourists.

Initiated by PT Manna Indonesia Group and PT INARIS International Corporation, with support from the Russian Embassy in Indonesia, the Russian Trade Office in Indonesia, the Moscow City Tourism Committee, and the Tatarstan City Tourism Committee, this Fam Trip served as a pivotal moment in fostering bilateral relations.

Commencing on the 19th of February, the group embarked on an immersive journey, exploring iconic landmarks and experiencing the rich cultural tapestry of both Moscow and Kazan. The itinerary was meticulously planned to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Indonesia's tourism offerings.

In Moscow, the group indulged in a plethora of activities, including business meetings with the Moscow Committee and Fun&Sun, a captivating visit to the Radisson Collection Hotel with a unique diorama experience, and a scenic cruise along the Moscow River, complemented by delectable cuisine.

The exploration continued in Kazan, where the group savored traditional Tatar cuisine at the Tugan Avylym National Complex, marveled at the architectural wonders of the Kazan Kremlin—a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and ventured to the island-city of Sviyazhsk for an enriching cultural experience.

One of the highlights of the trip was the excursion to Veliky Bolgar, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, where participants delved into the rich history of the region, visiting the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization and exploring the ancient Bulgarian settlement.

As the Fam Trip drew to a close on the 28th of February, participants departed with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the cultural diversity and natural beauty of Indonesia. While the trip showcased the allure of Indonesian tourism to Russian travelers, it also underscored the importance of collaboration in advancing the tourism sector between the two nations.

Although Ray Tan from Inaris Malaysia 6A was among the participants, the focus remained steadfast on the collaborative efforts between Indonesia and Russia in promoting tourism. The Fam Trip not only served as a platform for cultural exchange but also laid the groundwork for future endeavors aimed at fostering greater cooperation in the realm of tourism between the two nations.

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