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The song "Butter" belonging to the South Korean boy group, BTS, was chosen by UEFA to be played at the closing of the European Cup at Wembley Stadium, London, on July 12.

The selection of the song was made through a vote made by UEFA through their official account on Twitter.

BTS managed to beat musicians such as Louis Tomlinson, Billie Eilish, and Usher in that vote. “Butter” was chosen by 46.6 percent of respondents, beating Louis Tomlinson's Kill My Mind with 43.8 percent.

Photo Courtesy of BTS

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish's song "Bad Guy" was in third place with 6.5 percent of the vote, and Usher's "Yeah" took fourth place with 3.1 percent of the vote. Respondents who took part in this election reached 4,181,025 votes.

BTS's victory in the song competition at the EURO 2020 Finals certainly cannot be separated from the role of ARMY. They are totally supporting their idols to appear at this prestigious European football event.

Music has been used at sporting events since as far back as the Olympics in 1896, where the background music was played. The ancient Greeks are known to use music widely during festivals, tournaments, and sporting events. Theme songs are often also known as stadium anthems or arena anthems as they are played over the public address systems at sporting events at the start and during intervals.

Music has been used in sporting events for thousands of years. With the spur in digital downloads and international collaborations between artists of different countries, the craze regarding music at sporting events has seen a manifold increase. 

These days each sporting event has its own theme song, and a new one is recorded each year. Audiences love the theme songs, and it is often released several weeks prior to the actual event to engage the spectators and build up hype. 

This is also a clever marketing strategy wherein the anthems also bring money to the channel vis-a-vis record sales. Sometimes teams record their songs, other times its channels promoting a sporting event, sometimes it’s the sports federation promoting an international event.

But the official song for Euro 2020 is “We Are The People”, the official song of UEFA EURO 2020. The track, from legendary Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix, also features Bono and The Edge.

The official song has been written to celebrate the festivity and football of UEFA EURO 2020, one of world football’s biggest events. “We Are The People” is a song that looks at the challenges facing the world while at the same time aiming to find a unified response to these issues.

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