Get ready for more zombies.


With less than two weeks until its release date, Netflix has finally unveiled the main trailer for Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

As confirmed by the streaming platform, the upcoming special episode will run for 92 minutes and serve as a spin-off prequel to the first two seasons of the main Kingdom show. Just like the title suggests, the one-off project will follow Ashin, who first appeared in the final episode of the show’s second season, as she escapes from her traumatic past on a vengeful mission that brings her away from the north and deeper into the zombie epidemic. The episode will also shed more light on the origins of the Resurrection Plant, which will no doubt play into the series’ upcoming third season.

For fans of the Korean zombie drama, Kingdom: Ashin of the North will arrive on Netflix, July 23.

Kingdom is a popular zombie drama that gained positive reviews. “I decided to watch an episode of this when I got into bed at 11 pm thinking I'd fall asleep reading the subtitles. It was so good that I binged the entire season and didn't go to sleep till 5 am. I wanted to watch more but my brain was telling me that I needed to sleep because I needed to work in a few hours. This Korean zombie series surpasses The Walking Dead in my opinion. I love the historical setting which allows for the beautiful costumes. The cinematography in this series is top-notch and showcases amazing sets. And the mythology to the origin of the zombies is one that I've never heard before. You won't be disappointed by Kingdom,” wrote Misty L on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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Another account named Jose R also praised Kingdom. “I liked the idea of ​​adapting the zombies in an old time. The scenarios are spectacular among other things but there are some things in history that do not match right ... even so, I recommend it!!!” 

Kingdom also planned to release another prequel. The prequel of Kingdom will illustrate the past and present of Lee Chang, who was the only son of the King of Joseon but was not properly treated as a crown prince because he was considered as an illegitimate child given that his mother was a concubine. 

Fortunately, due to his skills and determination to save Joseon, he gradually earned the respect of the people as well as the powers of a monarch. 

Apart from the buzz regarding Ju Ji Hoon's appearance, Kingdom: The Crown Prince is reportedly helmed by scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee, who also wrote the previous seasons of Kingdom and the soon-to-be-released spin-off Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Following the rumors about the upcoming sequel, a Netflix Korea representative reportedly explained that nothing has been confirmed.

This is a series that the fans are really excited about because it has been noted that Kingdom is a better series than the AMC The Walking Dead

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