Dance Prodigy Miyu Pranoto Trailblazes Indonesia's Dance Scene with Unrivaled Talent and Passion


When nine-year-old Miyu Ananthamaya Pranoto takes to the dance floor, it's not just her captivating freestyle and breakdance moves that steal the show. Miyu, hailing from East Jakarta, has become a dance prodigy, astonishing audiences with her skillful performances that rival those of dancers much older than her.

Sporting baggy clothes and her hair neatly tied in a bun, Miyu is defying norms in conservative Indonesia, where the dance scene is still catching up to its counterparts in countries like South Korea and Japan. The young dancer has managed to capture the hearts of people far beyond her homeland, earning her a devoted following.

At an international dance contest in Vietnam, one of Miyu's performances skyrocketed to fame, accumulating an impressive 45 million views on YouTube. Following her breakthrough appearance at the Summer Jam Dance Camp in Da Nang, Miyu's Instagram followers doubled overnight, reaching an astounding 217,000.

Miyu's dance mentor, Semmy Blank, speaks highly of her remarkable talent and dedication. "It's not hard for me to teach a person like Miyu. Compared to adults, I think she really can top them as a freestyler and her skills improve really fast in terms of foundation, technique, and musicality."

In a recent dance class in East Jakarta, Miyu's passion and energy shone brightly. With music blaring from Bluetooth speakers, she gracefully glided across the dance floor, never missing a beat. Even as others paused to catch their breath, Miyu persisted, perfecting each move with determination.

A remarkable aspect of Miyu's journey is her appetite for learning. Always eager to improve, she sought guidance from her peers on a challenging breakdance move, demonstrating her dedication and humility.

Miyu's love for dance was ignited by the Korean boy band BTS, particularly inspired by member Jimin and the choreography for their hit song "Idol." K-pop not only introduced her to the world of dance but also exposed her to competitions like Street Woman Fighter and dance channels like 1Million.

Freestyle dancing is Miyu's forte, and she clinched an award in this category during her very first competition. "It's more free than choreography, too, so it's not so much thinking exactly; it's just like freedom," she explains with a smile.

Despite her dancing prowess, Miyu maintains a balance between her school life and extracurricular activities. Apart from dance, she immerses herself in piano and voice lessons, and she has even taken up drawing as a hobby. Miyu's parents are committed to ensuring she doesn't get overwhelmed by her busy schedule, emphasizing the importance of finding equilibrium.

Looking ahead, Miyu envisions a future where she can elevate her passion to new heights. "I want to be a professional dancer and maybe a teacher, not just for students, but for dance idols," she confidently expresses.

Miyu Pranoto is undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance, breaking barriers and inspiring young talents to chase their dreams with unwavering determination.

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