Putting Indonesia on the Global Music Map: Putri Ariani's Resounding Success with "Who I Am"


Putri Ariani, the talented Indonesian singer, has struck gold with her latest single titled "Who I Am," a collaborative effort with renowned DJ Alan Walker and young musician Peder Elias. Released on January 4, 2024, the 3-minute 13-second track has rapidly gained popularity, amassing 1.6 million views on Alan Walker's YouTube channel.

Despite the absence of an official music video, the song has garnered widespread acclaim on various platforms, including Spotify, where it has secured an impressive 3 million views.

Listeners have been quick to express their admiration for "Who I Am," flooding social media with positive comments. Netizens have praised the collaboration, with one user (@ahmadtarmi*****) stating, "This song is perfect for playing in the car. I never get tired of listening to it repeatedly."

Another user, @@NH-*****, commended the match between Putri and Peder Elias, saying, "Putri and Peder Elias's voices perfectly complement this song; it gives me chills. It's just awesome."

In response to the overwhelming positive feedback, Alan Walker curated a special video showcasing listener reactions to "Who I Am." Viewers were seen deeply engrossed in the music, with many expressing ecstatic reactions when Putri Ariani's vocals reached high notes.

"This will be a successful song because it's beautiful. I am so happy listening to it," remarked one enthusiastic fan in the video compilation.

Others chimed in, sharing their excitement about starting the new year with the song. "This song will be on my playlist, playing on repeat," said another fan.

Expressing her gratitude for the success of "Who I Am," Putri Ariani took to social media to thank her fans. She also shared her initial impression of the collaboration, stating that the song's lyrics resonated with her deeply.

"At first when I heard this song, I feel like OMG... This really represents me. I am so thankful that @alanwalkermusic chose me to sing this song with @pedereliaas," wrote Putri on her Instagram account (@arianinismaputri).

"Who I Am" marks the third English-language track by Putri Ariani, following her previous successes in the genre. The song's theme revolves around self-acceptance, as Putri herself explained.

The collaboration between Putri Ariani and Alan Walker began last year, with the duo performing together at the TikTok Awards in October 2023. During the event, Putri showcased her melodious voice in a rendition of "Hero," accompanied by Alan Walker's DJ mix.

Lauding the creative process, Putri Ariani and Alan Walker joined forces with the young musician Peder Elias to bring "Who I Am" to life. The song, created in English, conveys a powerful message of embracing oneself.

As "Who I Am" continues to soar in popularity, it reinforces Putri Ariani's status as a rising star in the international music scene. With her previous English-language hit "Loneliness" earning praise on the AGT stage in 2023, Putri Ariani is undoubtedly making her mark in the global music industry.

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