Together with fashion brand IKYK, Indonesia beauty brand Scarlett is appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and GEKRAFS to be part of the 'GEKRAFS Paris Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week 2022'.


Indonesia beauty brand Scarlett is appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and GEKRAFS to be the Official Beauty Partner of the 'GEKRAFS Paris Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week 2022'. Under the theme 'Beauty of Scarlett', Scarlett aims to encourage everyone to be consistently confident because Scarlett believes that everyone has their own uniqueness and charm.

“This is a great opportunity for us to show the world that local Indonesian skincare brands have equally competitive qualities," said Felicya Angelista, Founder of Scarlett.

Paris is the fashion window of the world that attracts fashion leaders from various parts of the country. Carrying the mission of introducing local Indonesian skincare brands to Parisians and the world, the Scarlett product range will be present at the Pop Up Store organized by GEKRAFS, located in the commercial area, 51 rue Turenne Paris from 6-16 March 2022.

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Upcoming fashion show
For 'GEKRAFS Paris Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week 2022', Scarlett will be paired with fashion brand IKYK, which recently made successful collaborations with HGL House and then Hillarious Jason. The fashion show will be held on March 6, 2022, at The Westin Paris Vendome.

Several well-known public figures such as Rossa, Boy William, Ria Ricis, Fadil Jaidi, Clarissa Putri and other inspiring public figures will also enliven The Beauty of Scarlett's activities in Paris.

“It is an honor to be able to take part in Scarlett's journey as a local Indonesian skincare brand to make this country proud through their best product range," said Rossa, singer and Scarlett Star Ambassador.

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Bringing Scarlett's positivity
Scarlett has more than tens of product ranges which are divided into Body Care, Face Care, and Hair Care categories. Scarlett continues to develop into one of the well-known beauty brands that are on the top of mind for Indonesian consumers' lifestyle in caring for their daily body and facial skin.

"Scarlett has a high spirit to spread the positive spirit to people so that they always appear confident. Together with Scarlett, I want to be able to continue to inspire many people to be more daring to show their charm to the world, because every person has their own uniqueness and charm."

"Since our first appearance, we have consistently maintained the quality of Scarlett's head-to-toe skincare products, from the use of quality ingredients to the innovations used to produce the best products for the health of our skin. This consistency brings Scarlett as the best-selling body care product brand in Indonesia with a percentage of 18.9% (of market share)."

"We want Scarlett to be a trusted skincare brand (so customers) keep their skin healthy and well-nourished. Scarlett will continue to be committed to presenting a series of quality skincare products that can support consumers to get the best skin conditions, regardless of their skin type. In the future, there will be many other product innovations that we will soon introduce for Scarlett's Friends," added Felicya.

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