Klein Vision’s Aircar Successfully flew between two cities for 35 minutes


Flying cars are an idea that has been around for a long time and can be found in animated and sci-fi films. This vehicle is here to describe a future full of flying cars around big cities.

Recently, the idea turned out to be more than just a fantasy. A flying car prototype has completed a test flight between two cities in Slovakia. This winged car can fly for about 35 minutes.

Klein Vision's AirCar successfully flew between Nitra and the capital city of Bratislava, which is about 80 kilometres away. This test is the umpteenth test to prove the ability of the flying car.

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AirCar Prototype 1 uses a BMW engine that can generate power up to 160 hp. This car comes with a propeller at the rear. Surprisingly, the vehicle can change from a car to an airplane in less than three minutes.

Stefan Klein, CEO of Klein Vision, who tested this car directly, said that the AirCar is no longer a prototype vehicle. The success of this test makes this unique car a reality, no longer science fiction.

This prototype has successfully carried out a 40-hour flight test. This includes a total altitude of 2.5 kilometers with maximum speed of 190 kilometers per hour.

The company Klein Vision is currently developing a second AirCar prototype. This flying car will use an engine capable of generating power of 300 HP.

This prototype can also move up to 300 kilometers per hour with a range of 1,000 kilometers.

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A post shared by Stefan Klein (@kleinvision_official)

Klein Vision is currently developing AirCar models for three and four passengers. In addition, development is also being carried out for twin-engine and amphibious models.

The idea of ​​making this flying car seems to invite many enthusiasts, although there are still questions about safety, security, and reliability. Using a flying vehicle still requires a busy airport and regulations that can take years.

Besides Klein Vision, the idea of ​​making flying cars has also been carried out by several companies. Uber and Hyundai have unveiled plans to introduce electric flying taxis. Volkswagen is also approaching companies in China for the flying car idea. In addition, Porsche, Daimler, and Toyota provide support to startup companies engaged in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology.

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