Cakap's Innovative Approach Addresses Global Challenges in Equitable Education and Skilled Workforce Preparation


The Indian tech industry has made waves worldwide, producing prominent figures like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, and Arvind Krishna. In the pursuit of strengthening its reputation in the technology sector, India recently launched Startup20, a forum dedicated to revitalizing startups and fostering investment in the country.

Indonesia's edutech company, Cakap, has emerged as one of the country representatives at Startup20, where they shared their remarkable journey in providing equitable education through technology and preparing a ready-to-work talent pool with practical skills. 

During the Spotlight Talks session, Yohan Limerta, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Co-founder of Cakap, emphasized how the company's innovative approach addressed global challenges of uneven access to quality education and the scarcity of skilled workers. As an archipelagic nation, Indonesia faced disparities in human resource quality due to unequal educational opportunities across regions, prompting the need for edutech platforms like Cakap to step in and make a difference.

Yohan recounted Cakap's transformation from a company with just over 100 students in its first year to now serving over 3 million students across Indonesia and hosting more than 2,000 teachers globally. However, this growth was not without its obstacles, as many countries grapple with the demand for skilled workers outweighing their availability. According to McKinsey Global Institute, Indonesia will require 113 million skilled workers by 2030, but only about half of that demand has been fulfilled so far, as reported by Kemenperin in 2018.

"As a Startup20 delegation from Indonesia, we realize that Edtech's full potential requires collective effort and collaboration. The G20 can play an important role in encouraging international cooperation, sharing best practices, and promoting a policy framework that supports edutech integration and attracts more investment," remarked Yohan, addressing the audience of around 500 Startup20 participants.

Cakap has been at the forefront of providing online platforms for foreign language learning and vocational training, catering not only to Indonesia but also to the growing global demand for skilled workers. The Cakap Impact Report for 2022 highlights the platform's socio-economic influence, with a significant number of students (74.8%) securing job opportunities aligned with their completed training.

With an ambitious vision to bridge the gap in human resource quality and meet the escalating demand for skilled professionals, Cakap continues to harness technology's power to empower individuals and uplift economies. Startup20's platform, along with international cooperation, is seen as a crucial factor in unleashing edutech's potential and forging a brighter future for education and the workforce on a global scale.

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