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Skincare and other beauty products are an unavoidable necessity for women. Of course, different ladies have different beauty items from various brands that they rely on. Both domestic and imported beauty goods are available. The benefits supplied differ as well, allowing women to choose which items best meet their needs.

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One of them is Everwhite, an original Indonesian cosmetic product and a favorite of many ladies. Everwhite beauty products come in various forms, including serum, powder, body scrub, and lip tint.

Everwhite goods are popular not just in Indonesia but also in nearby Singapore. Of course, the success of this local business cannot be isolated from Jessica Lin's struggle as the Co-Founder of Everwhite.

Forbes 30 Under 30

Her achievements catapulted her onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of successful persons under the age of 30. Jessica is reported to have begun her beauty business from the ground up. The inspiration stemmed from a skin problem he was having.

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She launched her beauty product company when she was 24 years old. Jessica formerly worked as an auditor at Ernst & Young and a finance accounting manager and strategic partnership manager at a beauty e-commerce business.

Because of her professional expertise, she has been able to make Everwhite's marketing strategy successful and well-known in the market. Today, the fruits of her labor are worth billions of rupiahs per year.

"I used to work in beauty e-commerce, where I was constantly exposed to beauty products; coincidentally, my role was partnering and marketing. As a result, I could observe that the most popular items for sale were those from other countries. I wish to acquire beauty goods, but the majority of them are imported. Domestic products at the time were limited to one or two companies," Jessica said.

Jessica also stated that a lot of Indonesian beauty goods weren't reliable at the time. Then, for the first time, Jesicca and her colleague Dennis Gunawan launched a mask product to address the issue of uneven skin and established a company named Everwhite.

Because Jessica herself has an uneven body skin problem, the first product was created to improve the health of the body's skin. One hundred bottles of a kefir and collagen product were sold at the product's initial introduction. Of course, Jessica's business got off to a strong start.

Everwhite also claims to be a brand whose existence is based on its status as a local beauty brand. Although Jessica was initially successful in producing Everwhite, it became increasingly difficult to remain in a field where numerous local brands developed as competitors in the subsequent years.

The most challenging problem she had at the time was convincing the public of the quality and image of domestic beauty goods. This is due to the fact that upon establishing the firm, there were few independent brands and local product images that were not convincing in terms of quality and safety.

She added that while running a business is more challenging than establishing one, she remains confident and sticks to her products and marketing techniques. The sheer number of competitors did not deter her — rather, it motivated her.

Everwhite offers a wide range of high-quality beauty products at reasonable costs. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to use Everwhite goods as their primary beauty product.

Jessica Lin carries out a business portfolio diversification plan by launching sister products, notably Everpure and Everslim, as Everwhite continues to flourish. Everpure is a skincare line based on natural components, whereas Everslim is a slimming solution.

Everwhite's growth continues to this day. Jessica has established a distribution network that includes Century, AEON Mall, Kimia Farma, Transmart, and Lottemart.

The 29-year-old Kwik Kian Gie Business School alumna said 2020 was a stepping stone for her because Everwhite had reached the international arena. This is demonstrated by the presence of official stores on major Singapore e-commerce platforms.

Being a Forbes Under 30 honoree encourages her to continue doing her best for the Indonesian people and be more enthused about her profession. She plans to establish Everwhite as one of Indonesia's leading indigenous beauty brands.






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