Strategic Expansion for Tourism Boost: AirAsia Aligns with Indonesian Government's Promotional Efforts


In a move to bolster Indonesia's tourism and economy, low-cost carrier Indonesia AirAsia has revealed plans to launch two new routes, connecting popular destinations within the country and beyond. The airline's president director, Veranita Yosephine Sinaga, expressed the company's commitment to supporting the nation's tourism sector through strategic expansions.

The latest additions to Indonesia AirAsia's route map include the Bali-Lampung domestic route and the Jakarta-Kota Kinabalu international route. Veranita Yosephine Sinaga highlighted the importance of establishing connections to leading destinations, stating, "One of them is by continuing to open new routes that connect various leading destinations."

The Bali-Lampung route marks the sixth domestic route introduced by the airline this year, emphasizing its dedication to providing diverse connectivity options within Indonesia. Meanwhile, the Jakarta-Kota Kinabalu route represents the carrier's fifth international route, showcasing its global ambitions.

In a written statement released on Friday, November 17, Veranita Yosephine Sinaga emphasized the significance of these new routes in strengthening relationships with regional stakeholders and neighboring countries. The goal is to foster collaboration and synergy to accelerate tourism recovery and stimulate the local economy.

Veranita Yosephine Sinaga acknowledged the intensive efforts within the Indonesian tourism industry to promote various destinations. She commented, "The Indonesian tourism industry is intensively carrying out various promotions. As the end of the year is approaching, [the government] is pushing for various tourist sites to attract foreign and domestic tourists."

The Bali-Lampung flight is scheduled to operate four days a week starting from January 17, 2024. Simultaneously, the first direct international flight between Jakarta and Kota Kinabalu is set to take off on February 6, 2024, and will be available three days a week.

To service these new routes, Indonesia AirAsia plans to deploy Airbus A320 aircraft, each with a capacity of 180 passengers. The introduction of these routes reflects the airline's commitment to providing affordable and convenient travel options while contributing to the growth of Indonesia's tourism industry and overall economic development.

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