These 5 hidden gems may surprise you and make you want to come back to Bali.


Bali has a unique way of balancing treats, ancient Balinese culture, and tradition with all things tourists love on a holiday; the Sun, surf, great food, and friendly people. Kuta and Sanur have been too common places that we should visit when arriving in Bali. But these 5 hidden gems may surprise you and make you want to come back to Bali.

Les Village, Tejakula

Les village is very adorable as it’s a sustainable eco-tourism project, but it still retains a feeling of undiscovered Bali. The biggest ‘draw’ in Les village is the totally underrated Yeh Mampeh Waterfall, tucked away in the hillside. Getting to the waterfall is wild and wonderful, yet easy for everyone to do.

Trek through a jungle bursting with butterflies and flowers, and take off your shoes to cross the shallow river during the rainy season. Your reward will be standing beneath those pouring shards, it is the perfect place for meditation.

Gili Putih

It is an island that is accessible by a short walk from the beach during extreme low tides or by a quick boat ride from Bangsal harbor during high tides. The best time to visit Gili Putih is early in the morning at sunrise or in the evening at sunset as you can relish beautiful sky colors and enjoy the change in tides! 

Best yet if you can stay from sunrise to sunset to fully contemplate how different the scenery is throughout the whole day! From the island, you can even enjoy magical views of the nearby West Bali National Park.

Toya Devasya Hot Springs

On one of my many trips to Bali, I found myself in the car, on the way to something very different according to my Dad. We drove through winding roads, up hills and back down again, and over some incredibly bumpy dirt tracks. Finally, we arrived and I could see where we were at last!

Hidden far away in the mountains of Kintamani, where Mount Batur reigns as king, lies an incredibly unique hotel. Thanks to the bubbling, boiling lava underneath, Toya Devasya is home to hot springs. How welcome they are in contrast to the cold air surrounding it. You’ll almost never want to get out!

Melasti Beach

It’s a beautiful, clean, and quiet beach in Bali, and we found Melasti Beach. With very few tourists (compared to other beaches in Bali), Melasti Beach was a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Canggu and enjoy island time.

The water was a magnificent shade of aquamarine, and the beach had VERY little trash, which is not a common occurrence in Bali.

Tembeling Beach

One of the lesser-known areas of Bali is a small island off the southeastern coast called Nusa Penida. It has risen in popularity in recent years, but there are still many places on the island that are infrequently visited by tourists.

Tembeling Beach was one of our favorite hidden gems in Bali. This beach was completely deserted and had some of the clearest, cleanest water we had seen since arriving in Indonesia.< #THE S MEDIA #Media Milenial