Creating wearable recycled plastic.


During this pandemic, we unknowingly use a lot of plastic. Starting from gloves, plastic bags for takeaways, and maybe plastic for trash. We all do this to maintain hygiene.

However, actually, it only makes our Earth filled with garbage. The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) revealed that plastic waste is increasing amid social restrictions. The reason is that most people do online shopping whose packaging uses plastic. This was shown based on LIPI research in mid-April-May 2020.

A group of artists at TacTic make this plastic waste into valuable items and have a unique aesthetic. They also accepting custom pieces and plastic donations.


Photo Courtesy of TacTic Plastic


1. Hi, Mutia Bunga, could you please tell us about Tactic Plastic?

TacTic is an art group that focuses on creating art by processing plastic bag waste. This started with TacTic's concern for waste, especially plastic waste. TacTic has grown into a fine arts group since 2016, initiated by 2 artists, namely Ayu Arista Murti and Mutia Bunga. In its growth, TacTic developed and added 3 people, namely: Lily Elserisa. TacTic collects plastic waste in collaboration with plastic donors through the #MulungOnline Program and the Garbage Bank in the Yogyakarta area and its surroundings. Until now, TacTic continues to experiment with processing plastic waste to turn it into a work of art through an upcycling process. TacTic's works have become ambassadors who campaign for environmental care through exhibitions that are actively participated in. In addition, various workshops were also conducted by TacTic as part of TacTic's dedication to the community in the form of education about plastic waste and how to process it. As long as plastic waste is still there and the issue is still echoing, TacTic will continue growing and speaking out through its work.

2. Could you please tell us a little about the process of Tactic Plastic itself? Did you see a significant increase in plastic during this pandemic? 

The process of our work can be said to be quite long. Starting from the process of collecting materials, washing, and semi-finished materials. Then brainstorming, collecting data, sketching the work, then executing the creation of the work.

Yes, of course, we have seen more and more waste generated from online shopping during this pandemic. People tend to do a lot of activities at home during the past year. You could say the level of online shopping consumption is higher and impacts single-use waste accumulation.


Photo Courtesy of TacTic


3. It's been a while, but how has this pandemic changed Tactic Plastic?

We didn't do much work during the pandemic; coincidentally, each member was in a different city for quite an extended period during self-quarantine. But that doesn't stop us from planning something new for the future.

4. Some time ago, Mutia Bunga attended an art exhibition. Can you tell us a little about that experience?

In 2020, TacTic did not do physical work. Still, we had the opportunity to become a facilitator for the Marine Debris Rangers program initiated by Divers Clean Action in Tulamben Village, Bali. The program lasts for 6 months, from February 2021 to August 2021. Amid the program, we initiated an exhibition to introduce the Marine Debris Rangers program to other people. It is hoped that from the exhibition, more people will be more aware of environmental issues that are happening not only in Tulamben Village but also in the environment around us.

Photo Courtesy of TacTic


5. Actually, sustainability is endless, but according to Tactic Plastic, how important is it to use sustainable products? Maybe in the future, we will have all sustainable products?

It depends on us to see the value of sustainability; we cannot force everyone to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. However, our position as a public/artist who is aware and concerned about this issue has a new task to continue trying to help friends out there to voice this matter.

That was the talk with TacTic, we are still unsure when will this COVID-19 pandemic will ends. However, you still need to use plastic wisely. For example, you could bring your reusable tote bag when you are out grocery shopping or buying food. You could still wash your tote bag. 

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