The girl behind Jolie Clothing.


Forbes re-released the yearly list of 30 Under 30 Asia 2021 in April 2021. According to the publication, they are "Gen Z leaders who persevere and prosper amid global instability".

There are various categories in the list, such as arts, entertainment and sports, finance and capital venture, media, marketing and advertising, retail and e-commerce, enterprise technology, industry, manufacturing and energy, healthcare and science, social impact, as well as consumer technology.


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Three Indonesian women have made the Forbes 30 under 30 list Asia this year. Stefani Tan 28, Chief Designer of Jolie Clothing, is one of them. After graduating from Raffles Design Institute, she created Jolie Clothing in early 2014.

According to Stefani, Jolie Attire offers inexpensive, comfy clothing for youngsters. She said the fashion sector primarily creates clothing for models. Therefore she tried to make clothes that could be worn daily and fit various body types.

Harsh industry

Setting up Jolie Clothing, according to Stefani, was not easy. She had given up hope multiple times due to the difficulty of working with tailors or picture shoot providers.


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However, it occurred to her that the ideal she had held since high school — designing and making garments that fit her desires and have the proper cut — must still be realized. "So, I have to be able to make people beautiful based on my experience so far," Stefani said, noting that the selection of local companies was still relatively restricted at the time.

Because she understood the expected product, she immediately began designing garments and formed a specific team to collaborate. "This distinguishes us from other fashion houses," she explained.

"Our distinct styling contributes to our differentiation. Because we adhere to our aim of making women feel attractive when they use our items. We want to implant that value or vision into every Jolie Clothing product and production process, from distribution to marketing to messaging," Stefani said.

Furthermore, she sees other players as sources of inspiration rather than competition. "I agree that local firms must shine to represent Indonesia and shine overseas," she said.


Jolie Clothing's marketing approach is centered on the client. According to Stefani, by doing so, she would be able to deliver a positive experience for consumers and influencers, resulting in word-of-mouth marketing. Customers who like it will suggest it to others without being compensated.

"The majority of our customers are newlyweds or young mothers. They typically shop for clothing for pre-wedding, birthday parties, bridal showers, or baby showers," she said. Jolie Clothing's target market consists of ladies between 25 and 35.


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Stefani, who is also the founder of Chatoyer Shoes and the Lentera Generasi Bangsa community, claims that her seven years of expertise creating this business has resulted in a significant and devoted customer base. 

"This is our first advantage," she explained. In essence, she said, Jolie Clothing tries to offer high-quality products and services. Additionally, it produces marketing innovations. She strives to do collaborative marketing with non-fashion brands (food, drinks, or furniture) to help each other out.

"We always create new marketing efforts for each collection to keep people interested. We also collaborate on illustrations, bags, calligraphy, and other projects. We hope to expand our target market in the future," Stefani said. 






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