Debora Imanuella tells a story on how she came up with the idea of a ladies-only e-sport team.


Men continue to dominate the e-sports industry. There aren't many female gamers that can make it in this market over the long haul. This was one of the reasons Debora Imanuella decided to form Luna Nera, an e-sports team comprised entirely of women.

You've probably heard of the Luna Nera team if you're an e-sports lover. This ladies-only e-sports team has been gaining popularity in recent months.

The reason for this is that they have won numerous prestigious awards, particularly in the PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) division as well as Mobile Legends. Like a third-place finish at the PUBGM Mobile Cyber Arena (PMCA) and a second-place finish at the UniPin Ladies Championship.

This is particularly impressive given that the Luna Nera team was only recently formed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We spoke with Debora Imanuella, the Luna Nera team's co-owner and the Senior VP Community & Esports at UniPin, about various topics to learn more about her. We talked about her passion for games, Luna Nera's accomplishments, and her hopes for the role of women in the Indonesian e-sports industry.


Debora Imanuella
Courtesy of Debora Imanuella


Hi, Debora, thank you for having us. First and foremost, for those who are still unfamiliar with Luna Nera, could you tell us what is it?

Luna Nera is a gaming community and ladies-only e-sports team with a vision and mission of women empowerment because we believe that e-sports can also be a means to increase women's self-confidence.


What is your reason for getting into the e-sport industry? Have you always loved playing games?

After being forced to stay at home due to a pandemic, I began playing games regularly with some close friends who are also the founders of Luna Nera. From there, we considered starting a gaming community for women, and it was suggested that we build an esports team and compete. Yes, I've always enjoyed playing games since I was a kid.


What are your favorite or most often played games?

I enjoy practically every game genre, including FPS, Battle Royale, MOBA, RTS, MMORPG, and others. I currently enjoy playing Age of Empires, Mobile Legends, Wild Rift, and Puzzle Games.


Why do you choose ‘Luna Nera’ as a team name?

We chose the name Luna Nera from a series about a group of women that want to fight for their vision and mission because, in their time, women were not appreciated enough. They also have the stigma that women could only be housewives.


Team Luna Nera
Courtesy of Debora Imanuella


How many divisions does Luna Nera now have?

Luna Nera has four divisions, which are PUBGM with four members and one backup member, Mobile Legengs Bang Bang (MLBB) with five members and two backup members, and Sim Racing with one member.


Luna Nera was founded in the pandemic, what are the challenges you have to face due to the condition?

The challenge is that team members come from different cities and islands, making it difficult to bring them together. So we did some online bonding through Discord discussions and playing with pro-gamers and community members.


What are your thoughts on women's representation in the Indonesian e-sports scene? Is it sufficiently representative, or do we truly require more women to enter a largely male-dominated world?

More daring women who would want to compete in e-sports are still needed, in my opinion. The e-sports industry is still dominated by men because of the stereotype that video games are for guys only.


What do you think about the ideal future of women in the Indonesian e-sport scheme in the future?

The ideal situation is for women and men to compete on the same level with the same amount of resources, but of course, women must work and train more to get there. As a result, in my opinion, a separate competition for women solely is critical because it can serve as a stepping stone for women to reach that level. E-sports, I think, may also be used to boost self-esteem.


Team Luna Nera
Courtesy of Debora Imanuella


How has Luna Nera recruited its players? Are there any tips or tricks for female gamers who want to join Luna Nera, and if so, what are they?

We're having an open trial for anyone interested in joining Luna Nera and competing in the sport. You may obtain more information by following @teamlunanera on Instagram.


Do you have any advice for ladies who want to get started in the realm of e-sports? What should be done and what should be prepared?

Skills, of course, must be prepared, and you should often practice the games you want to play as pro players. Learn how to play micro and macro games. The most important thing in MOBA games is to extend the heroes pool and to observe matches from major tournaments as often as possible so that you may learn from the pros.


What is the key to being able to make it in the world of e-sports for women?

Determination, passion, and attitude. Most importantly, never have a mindset of male and female gameplay because there are no scientific studies that show that the abilities of women and men in esports are different; instead, the most essential thing is to focus on sensing motors and strategic thinking, which both women and men can do. Exactly the same. Never assume that women are inferior to males.


What are your plans for Luna Nera? Maybe a new division or joining another prestigious competition?

Currently, there are plans to create Valorant and Free Fire divisions.

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