Buying vintage clothes to reduce fashion waste.


Lately, the style of the 2000s or what is commonly called Y2K is on the rise. Plus, some top celebrities, like Jennie Kim from Blackpink, often combine their vintage styles through their Instagram social media.

It's part of a rising trend of Y2K fashion and what has been called "nowstalgia" among Gen Z, who are reliving early 2000s fashion trends they were too young to experience or remember the first time around.

Well, to get those vintage styles, people don't have to buy new clothes. They can get clothes from op-shops or secondhand shops.

There is nothing wrong with buying goods from a secondhand shop because purchase clothes from a secondhand will also help us reduce demand from the fashion market.

Because as we know, on average, consumers throw away 60 percent of their clothes in the first year. In 2020, an estimated 18.6 million tonnes of clothing will end up in a landfill. The Ellen Macarthur Foundation reports that if this trend continues, over 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog landfills by 2050.

This time, there is a Little Petite Diaries shop from Surabaya which displays unique vintage clothes. These clothes were also specially selected by the shop owner, Janice, and Sheilla. The shop itself has more than 10K followers on Instagram. 


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Starting from two-piece sets, tennis skirts and vintage blazers are also available in this so-called Little Petite Diaries shop.

The S Media had the opportunity to interview Janice, the owner of Little Petite Diaries shop. So, here is our conversation with Janice.

1. Hi Janice, could you please introduce yourself? How come you became interested in curating the vintage clothing store you owned? 

Hello! I have a DKV background but am very interested in the fashion world! inspired by my partner/co-owner thrift shop, Sheilla. We both started as new students who really wanted to change clothes for college, but didn't have a high budget to buy brand new clothes, so we both ended up liking thrifting

2. In your opinion, why should this secondhand shop for vintage clothing be an option to shop a new piece?

The first is that we can save more on clothes shopping, the second one also helps reduce clothing waste by reusing used clothes.

3. Have you ever had an experience that made you think to create your own secondhand or vintage shop? 

Yes, I did experience it for once! At first, I shopped at one of the secondhand shops with my partner Sheilla. Back then, I was equally surprised because the clothes are mostly still in good condition and installed at a super affordable price.

4. Well, many people really don't want a secondhand shop because they are considered cheap, so what do you do to cut off the stigma?

Usually, we always take photos/content to attract attention, using a mix and match method with other clothes to make it more exciting. We also tried to make it look like a limited piece. Because they are mostly vintage pieces, they would not be restocked. 

5. As one of the vintage clothing shop owners, how is the secondhand clothing market in Indonesia? Because we could see there are more diverse online vintage shops on social media. 

From my point of view, this secondhand clothing market has grown really fast for the last three years! Initially, there was a stigma that secondhand clothing was considered less convincing and dirty. Still, over time there have been many people who are more open to buying secondhand clothes because the goods are limited and more affordable.

6. What about tips from you when choosing vintage clothing? For example, what should be considered when selecting vintage clothing yourself?

The selection of vintage clothing itself is usually adjusted to the demands of the followers/markets of each store. We usually pay attention to the cutting of clothes, motifs or patterns of clothes, and the clothes' material.

7. What do you want to say, so that people don't think that vintage, secondhand clothing is bad or cheap?

In essence, by shopping for vintage, secondhand clothing, you will find some rare and unique pieces. Most people who wear clothes that seem edgy and one of a kind are usually only found in secondhand stores because they can't be found anywhere! At the secondhand store, the quality will be controlled as well and clean as possible, of course.

So, vintage shopping might not be for all of you, but it would not hurt if you would try it for yourself. Considering the Gossip Girl is back, you could steal some of Audrey Hope's style from  Little Petite Diaries. And please do always remember, wearing a vintage piece is like wearing a gem; you would not find it everywhere else. 


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