He owns various businesses, from culinary to the hospital industry.


Ardantya Syahreza is a businessman and professional who handles a variety of responsibilities since he currently leads multiple enterprises in diverse industries. Some of the businesses are his, while others are owned by his extended family.

Ardantya established his first company, PT Marketing Komunikasi Indonesia, in 2005. The company provides marketing services and brand communication strategy consultation in activation activities (event promotions) that allow for measurable customer database acquisitions, product trials, and purchases.

A brand activation agency is not the same as an event planner (EO) where they only promote. A brand activation agency, on the other hand, designs and oversees brand-appropriate promotional activities.


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"This is nothing more than an activity that directly reaches out to people who utilize the brand," said the AIESEC Indonesia Alumni Chairman.

When Ardantya started MKI in 2005, he said that not many brands had executed this. “There are a lot of advertisements on television, but there are still few events. Advertisements don't necessarily target consumers, so I tried to take a side-by-side approach to the client.”

"At the time, I was in charge of a lot of prospecting operations and pitch proposals for potential new brand clients," he said. "I recognized an opportunity to build a service with a new business model to serve clients who want their marketing budget to be associated with company achievement or sales after dealing with new prospects for a long time."

F&B expansion

Ardantya, an Universitas Brawijaya Faculty of Economics alumnus, expanded his business by launching a culinary business and F&B service with a franchising system. 

Under the auspices of PT Kuliner Nusantara Sejahtera Indonesia, he oversaw the Bakso Kota Cak Man outlet franchisee management, became the master franchisor of Sour Sally Mini, and created Marlous Martabak, NSW Bruger, and Sushi Pablo.

Ardantya is the holding company for the two firms that operate under the Indocre Lintas Usaha banner. It also comprises PT Generasi Muda Indonesia, which bridges the information gap between the academic and professional worlds. The Indocre Group is devoted to participating in the creative industry area.

Ardantya was requested to join a family business, PT Persada Medika Raya, which is part of the holding PT Persada Capital Investama, which was founded by his uncle, the late Benny Subianto. Ardyanto has been named development director at the firm in charge of Persada Hospital.

This experience transformed Ardantya into a learner who seeks to comprehend all of the surprises in her surroundings. He promotes the acceleration of transformation and innovation as the Development Director of PT Persada Medika Raya. Persada is intended to go beyond curative medical services. Sports, nutrition, and cosmetic components are also currently being planned.

Man with a vision

Ardantya's breadth of experience has sharpened his commercial acumen. His early career began as an intern at the Royal Bank of Canada Branch Office in Ontario. He then returned to Indonesia as a Nielsen Research Executive, eventually becoming a business development manager for an advertising firm.

Benny Subianto, a professional who had a remarkable career in the massive Astra business group, serves as a mentor and role model for Ardantya. Throughout his life, Benny frequently invited his nephews to partner or work for certain firms under his supervision and leadership.


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Ardantya recalls several crucial lessons from Benny about the importance of integrity. "Walk The Talk" is one of them. A professional must stay to his word and follow through on his promises.

Apart from running a firm, Ardantya's interest in macroeconomics, business, and investment has kept him engaged at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he currently serves as Deputy Chair of the MSME Training and Development Compartment.

MKI is now trusted to manage major brands due to his hard work. Its clients currently come from various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, oil, and banking.

Ardantya said that MKI's research department is its greatest asset. For such a brand, they first have to conduct market research. "Market research is required initially to figure out what consumers want from a brand, and we undertake this ourselves via our research section," he concluded.