Here are some tips you can use to fight fake news.


At this time, we can quickly access news from anywhere through social media, online media, or even directly listening to other people's opinions. In this ultra-fast age where everyone is busy looking for shortcuts to see the latest news from the internet, we desperately need more time to verify the accuracy or falsehood of information.

Such false or fabricated information is highly manipulative and harmful to us as readers and victims of rumormongers.

Sometimes we can also unknowingly be the ones spreading this disinformation. But we still need to make everyone aware of the importance of stopping people from spreading false stories.

Here are some tips you can use to fight fake news.

Don't believe everything you read

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Serve as your fact checker. Simple things will help: check the date of the article (just because it's at the top of the search results page doesn't mean it's up to date) and the data source. Review the information in the URL. Academic institutions and governments are the most reliable places for research, statistics, and factual information.

Be careful with provocative titles

False news often uses provocative sensational titles, for example, pointing fingers at certain parties. The newsmakers can also take this suggestive content of fake news from official media news, only modified to create the desired perception.

Therefore, if you come across news with provocative titles, you should look for references in the form of similar information from official online sites, then compare the contents, whether they are the same or different. This way, you will be able to draw a more balanced conclusion for the reader.

Check the authenticity of the photo

In the current era of digital technology, it is not only text content that can be manipulated but also other content in the form of photos or videos. There are times when fake news creators also edit photos to provoke readers.

The way to check the authenticity of a photo is by using the Google search engine, namely by dragging and dropping it into the Google Images search field. The search results will present similar images found online to compare them.

Keep your sense of humor

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Humor is the most important and positive way to fight this false information strategy. Late-night comedy and political satire won't change the news but can help reduce the stress and anxiety it brings. Horselaugh is a free drug, so laugh a lot.


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