Meet the most streamed artists on Spotify 2021.


Spotify has since become the most popular streaming music service, boasting more than 70 million paid subscribers. By this, a vast market is a great place for musicians and singers to promote their songs. For people like us, listening to music is one of the must-have things to do every day. Having an accessible platform like Spotify makes it easy for us to hear our favorite music.  

Spotify noted a list of Indonesia's artists whose songs become the most frequently listened to on Spotify during three first months in 2021. Pamungkas became the one whose music is in the first rank. It has been played around 64.16 million times on Spotify.  Thanks to 'Walk The Walk', which was released in 2018. It became the most listened album in Indonesia also. 

The next position is Nadin Amizah, whose song has been played 33.40 million times. Then, Ardhito Pramono is in third place, with 31.39 million songs played on Spotify. 

Besides them, there are several other singers on the spotify list. Here are top 5 most frequently listened singers on Spotify.


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Pamungkas is a singer-songwriter as well as a music producer from Jakarta, Indonesia. His first introduction to music was at the age of eight through the drums. Self-taught himself to play piano and guitar after that- before getting himself into singing and songwriting. His music is heavily influenced by British bands, such as The Beach Boys, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Smiths, and Arctic Monkeys.

Pamungkas formed his style of music by merging the essence of Folk, the richness of Electronic sounds, and the catchiness of Pop. On top of that, his bright-powerful-soothing voice completed the whole thing and created this new fresh dimension of sounds.

Nadin Amizah

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Nadin Amizah is a talented young singer and songwriter who successfully stole the attention of Indonesian music lovers. Starting from her hobby of making cover songs and posting them on Instagram, Nadin was later known through her performances with several collaborative projects. One of them was with Dipha Barus on their single 'All Good'. Her ability as a songwriter can be heard in a work entitled 'Rumpang'. This song is a single released by Nadin in mid-September 2018, a song with her personal story. The lyrics are describing her feelings at that time.

Ardhito Pramono

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Ardhito Rifqi Pramono, familiarly called Ardhito, is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Indonesia. Apart from being a singer, Ardhito has been a creative planner and also a music director. He has also been involved in working on several short films and web series.

Music has been in Ardhito's blood since he was a child, and he has since been a jazz lover and a fan of 40s songs. Besides composing songs, he can also play musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, and drums. He started writing music in 2013, when he was still studying at JMC Academy, Australia, in the Film Department.

Rizky Febian

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Rizky Febian Andriansyah Sutisna, professionally known as Rizky Febian, is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, actor, and TV presenter. He is the eldest son of the Indonesian comedian, Sule. He is famous for his single 'Kesempurnaan Cinta'. In 2011 along with Sule, he released his first single, titled 'Papa Telepon'. Then followed by 'Smile You Don't Cry' together with 3 Djanggo (feat. comedian Andre Taulany), released in 2013.


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Indonesian singer-songwriter Gangga has dropped a poignant new single, ‘Whiskey Bottle'. The song was released on major streaming services on Friday (June 25) and arrived ahead of his upcoming debut album due in August.

Gangga noted the song was inspired by personal experience. Gangga teamed up with Petra Sihombing in the production and songwriting process of ‘Whiskey Bottle'. He also collaborated with Mohammed Kamga, who served as his vocal director. The new track follows the melancholy ballad ‘Forever', which he released in March.





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