It sounds dry, stuffy, and sometimes your talks become an awkward moment, isn't it?


When you are having a WhatsApp conversation with your friends it should be fun and enjoyable. But how do you text your boss? It sounds dry, stuffy, and sometimes your talks become an awkward moment, isn't it?

In a professional capacity, text messages tend to bring a sense of urgency than an email, whether that’s the intent or not. When your boss suddenly reaches out to you via WhatsApp, you will respond to it as a worst-case scenario, and question whether you did something wrong. Don’t worry, you are not alone as it’s normal to feel that way.

It's not easy, but you can start with an ice-breaking text with your boss, here are some tips for you:


Give them space to talk and applause them

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People love to talk about themselves. If your boss just got back from vacation, you can simply ask how their trip went, and let them lead the conversation. Don’t forget to give indirect compliments. For example, you can ask for hotel recommendations for your next trip.


Put emoticons at the end

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Like any written work communication, it’s hard to communicate emphasis and emotion with words alone. Sometimes, giving emoticons can simply describe your feeling, but not recommended for professional matters. Otherwise, you can put one emoticon at the end of your conversation, but not too much.


Find common interests 

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Find out if your new boss shares a common interest, which can be a great way to ensure healthy conversations. Light topics like food, travel, fashion, politics, movies, and music are the ideal conversation starters. Make the most of opportunities to interact with your new boss and your friends at work to initiate conversations.


Share news

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This is a time-tested strategy for PR folks when they want to get the right kind of attention: use the news. If you’re in HR and the unemployment rate just came out, use that as leverage to hook your target. Discussion on current affairs can also speak volumes about you as a potential job candidate.

Relationship with the boss is always tricky, but if you do these steps above, we are sure your skills are getting smoother.

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