Most people make resolutions every new year, but most stay as resolutions without executions.


We survived one of the toughest years in our life, 2021, despite several waves of pandemic and unstable world conditions. Most people consider the new year as a fresh beginning to start over. It is the perfect time to reconstruct our mindset and vision. That is why most people make a set of resolutions after entering the new year. 

However, most new year resolutions are most likely destined to fall short. Make sure to avoid those mistakes and see how you will transform into a different person this year as we uncovered five main reasons why your new year resolutions are most likely to fail this year:

You are planning to change your entire life overnight


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If you have bad habits that you want to change this year, you might feel like stopping them at all since day one. However, it is not practical because you would be burnt out before your habits genuinely change. Instead, you might want to create a small but constant change in your lifestyle. Make it slow and steady. 

Though the desired result may not be instant, it is much more effective, and you will be proud of your improvement by the end of the year. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t follow a daily strict diet or workout plan. Make a habit of eating veggies and fruits every day, follow a 5 minutes exercise video every morning, or take a walk around the neighborhood. 

You overthink too much without actually doing anything


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Listening to motivational podcasts, reading quotes, and collecting self-help books won’t get you anywhere unless you make your move starting from now. 

Seeking inspiration and motivation is very much needed, but you have to be able to apply it realistically in your life to make a change. Try to implement the advice you get from those quotes one-by-one in your life.


You don’t record your progress


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By keeping track of your progress in doing something, you would feel a personal satisfaction for realizing that you could do it. It helps you feel motivated to keep going. 

You might want to use a habit tracker on your mobile phone’s app, or if you are feeling crafty, you might want to design a small cute note where you write your progress and scratched to-do lists. 

You have no support from people around you


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Yes, personal-driven goals are not just depending on your performance and motivation. But on others as well. Through the support from people around you, you can feel encouraged and keep striving for your goals.

Imagine you are on a diet, but your family does not know that, so they keep restocking the Baskin Robin’s bucket in the freezer, or worse, calling for a weekly pizza night. It won’t be easy for you to keep your diet on track. 

You don’t design SMART goals


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What is a SMART goal? It is an acronym for Specific, Measured, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based. The resolutions written for the new year should fit all five criteria of a SMART goal. 

Specific means you know how to describe your goals in detail. For example, instead of writing “study harder”, you might want to rewrite it to “study at least one subject a day during summer break”. 

Measured means you can see the progress of your goal, like achieving an A in a specific course.

Achievable means realistic, do not create unrealistic goals. Aim for a simpler realistic goal that you can picture yourself achieving by the end of the year. 

Relevant means that your designed goals should align with your personal beliefs, values, and long-term goals. Do not make a contradictive goal. 

Last but not least, time-based, create a detailed deadline for each goal. You might want to add a check-point date for every halfway-done goal. 





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