Geometrium Studio launches their innovative projects set to redefine Indonesia architectural landscape.


Geometrium Design Studio, a prominent interior design firm founded over a decade ago by Aleksey Ivanov and Pavel Gerasimov, is making significant strides in the dynamic architectural landscape of Indonesia. With over half a million followers on their YouTube channel, the studio is entering a new phase of growth, aiming to bring their expertise to the flourishing Indonesian market.

The decision to explore the Indonesian market originated from the founders' realization of the country's potential, particularly in Bali, when they first experienced the allure of the island nearly a decade ago. After gaining insights into the island's potential through connections with the Russian community in Indonesia and the local population, Aleksey Ivanov expressed his desire to contribute to the design and property industry in Indonesia through Geometrium Design Studio.

Aleksey Ivanov, the visionary co-founder of Geometrium Design Studio, shared his enthusiasm for expanding their business, stating, "Indonesia captivated us with its cultural richness and economic growth. Our goal is to contribute innovative design concepts to the rapidly evolving architectural landscape in Indonesia."

Ivanov emphasized the studio's dedication to natural and sustainable materials, stating, "Our aim is to build spaces that evoke emotions, create wonders, and emphasize happiness and joy, akin to experiences found in amusement parks."

In Indonesia, Geometrium Design Studio's creative direction is led by Aleksey Ivanov himself, a leading figure in Russian design and architecture with over 13 years of experience and successful projects in various countries, including Russia, Indonesia, and Germany.

Showcasing the Extraordinary: Private Jet Villa

Geometrium Studio's flagship project, the Private Jet Villa, takes center stage in their Indonesian venture. Perched on the cliffs of Nyang Nyang Beach in Bali, this architectural marvel is constructed within the fuselage of a Boeing 737 plane. The result is a seamless fusion of luxury living and the exhilaration of aviation.


Aleksey Ivanov, the visionary co-founder, emphasized the intricacy of the project, stating, "Each element of the Private Jet Villa is the result of customized orders and careful planning." With two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a living room, the villa extends to outdoor spaces including a terrace on the airplane wing, a stylish swimming pool, and a bathroom with portholes for an immersive experience.

Innovation and Functionality: Project Olympus in Ubud

Geometrium Studio's commitment to innovation and functionality is vividly reflected in Project Olympus, situated in Ubud, Indonesia. Comprising 19 interconnected villas through overground tunnels, this project prioritizes privacy while seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings. The design philosophy revolves around modern minimalism, functionality, and fostering an unparalleled connection to nature.

Aleksey Ivanov shared his vision for Olympus, stating, "Our goal with Olympus is to create a unique and functional dwelling for entrepreneurs in this beautiful corner of the world."

Versatile Elegance: Villa in Ubud

The Villa in Ubud serves as a testament to Geometrium Studio's prowess in interior design. Nestled in the picturesque corner of Bali, this villa is designed with a remarkable wow factor, catering specifically to rental purposes. Featuring adjustable color lighting, large pendant lights, uniquely shaped coffee tables, terrazzo finishes, and wooden panels inspired by Balinese traditions, the interior is a harmonious blend of versatility and charm.

Geometrium Studio's expansion into Indonesia marks a pivotal moment in its mission to contribute to the global architectural landscape. The media luncheon showcased the studio's dedication to innovative design concepts poised to redefine Indonesia's burgeoning architectural scene.

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