Starting from millennials to Gen Z with established incomes, they have the desire to own a car.


The need for vehicles is currently felt by most of the people of Indonesia. Several things make the thought of owning a car arise, ranging from the need to travel and want to get social status.

The choice of vehicle, in this case, a car, is also felt by various groups in various age ranges. Starting from millennials to Gen Z with established incomes, they have the desire to own a car.

The question is, how do you decide to buy a car, between new and used? This is related to the funds owned and some of the advantages and disadvantages offered in both products. Check out the following assessment.


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If you choose a new car

The process of buying a new car is easier and faster. Just adjust the model and brand with the available costs, then a new vehicle can be obtained.

In addition to new vehicles, there are many promo facilities. Some are light loans for vehicle ownership, discount promos to cashback, and low loan interest rates.

Choosing a new car will also get a complete manufacturer's warranty. Currently, the average producer provides free services for up to 3 years of use; some even dare to take up to 7 years.

Some still dare to claim to replace spare parts for free at no cost, such as brake linings, oil filters, spark plugs, tires, belts, and various other fast-moving parts. This certainly makes it easier for consumers who don't want to bother with usage problems in the future.

Another advantage for those who choose a new vehicle is cheaper insurance premiums. This is because the insurance company will assess the car's condition the first time consumers receive it. Buyers of new automobiles can get additional protection insurance in an unexpected event such as theft or a natural disaster.

The new car certainly carries better technology with a more fuel-efficient engine condition. This affects the funds prepared to buy fuel in the future, especially if consumers have high mobility.

For those who have a new vehicle, of course, they have the advantage of being able to choose various variants, colors, and technologies. But still back to the available funds.

Another advantage in choosing a new car is that it is psychologically more satisfied because of the new conditions and the possibility of longer service life.


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So what if you choose a used car?

The first advantage is clearly at a lower price compared to having to buy a new car. This is a solution for potential customers who want a vehicle with high specs but a slightly longer production year. This allows consumers to choose cars that are in the middle or upper segment.

In addition, the depreciation value of a used car is smaller than a new car. The decline in the value of a new car in the first year is usually around 20 percent to 25 percent. For used vehicles, it is generally smaller by 9 percent to 12 percent.

Consumers are lucky if they can still buy a car with good warranty service. In addition, attention to the vehicle's condition can be felt better if there are official repair service records. This is what needs to be ensured better when you want to buy a used car.

Some of the tips above stick to the funds you have and cost management that must be considered, especially when deciding to buy a vehicle with a credit installment system.

So can you decide whether to buy a new or used car?


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