Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT offers a futuristic design with a powerful engine.


Riding a jet ski on the ocean waves becomes a fun activity in the summer. Jet ski enthusiasts continue to seek the limits of this marine motor by targeting high-powered products.

One manufacturer of jet skis named Strand Craft offers a jet ski with a V8 engine. This is the world's first V8 configuration engine used for jet skis.

This product with Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT offers fans an adrenaline rush to ride on the waves. In addition to the engine, this jet ski also has an out-of-the-box design.

Kurt Strand is the man behind the Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT. Strand took five years to perfect this product to become what we see it.


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The engine used in this jet ski is a supercharged 6.2L aluminum V8 engine. It's an engine similar to that used in the Ferrari Roma. Unfortunately, there is no information about how much power is produced and the top speed of this jetski when used.

The appearance includes futuristic with a slim silhouette reminiscent of the shape of a sports car coupe. Consumers can choose the material used, whether fiberglass or aluminum.

Its dimensions have a length of 5.08 meters, a width of 1.5 meters, and a height of 1.3 meters with a fuel tank capacity of 83 liters. It weighs 567 kilograms, including weight for the size of a jetski.

A touch of technology is present on the steering wheel with a 15-inch LED touch screen. This screen displays various information about the vehicle, starting from the engine and other functions.

This jetski features a premium audio system and a cooler box for storing cold drinks and enjoying your favorite tunes over the sea for convenience. The Daytona GT also offers storage space for necessities while in the middle of the ocean.


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As a premium jet ski, Strand Craft allows consumers to make jet skis according to their personalization. This includes using carbon fiber materials, wood materials, gold or silver finishes, underwater cameras, custom paint, engine covers, GPS navigation, and seats with suspension for comfort. Interestingly, the Strand offers a V8 Turbodiesel engine as an optional jet ski power generator.

“Beautiful, powerful, and luxurious. These three adjectives inspired my design for a new watercraft concept,” said designer Kurt Strand. “I wanted to create a model that marries power and speed to the grace and elegance of Strand Craft's design heritage.”

For those who want to own the Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT, you need to be a little patient, especially regarding the price. Until now, there is no information on the funds necessary to bring this jet ski home.

A little story about Strand Craft, a company from Florida, United States, was founded in 2003 by Kurt Strand. The company started the design and development process on luxury ships. Strand is a Norwegian shipbuilder with 30 years of experience.


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